11 reasons why Diwali is my favourite festival

Happy Diwali to all my friends! Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. It’s almost 5000 year old fable and much has changed since then. But what makes this festival special is that it is celebrated all over the country (and abroad) with much enthusiasm even now. I have grown up in north India and always found this to be the best time of the year. Here are my reasons as to love Diwali.

1. Lights and Diyas

Diwali is a festival of lights. Diyas, candles and tiny light bulbs are all over the place. As far as your sight goes, you will see rows of houses decorated with colorful lights. It feels surreal to witness so much of beauty, as if stars descended on earth. I personally love earthen diyas. Lighting 14 diyas with oil and cotton wick is a must for most of the Hindu households.


2. Kandeels or paper lanterns

Paper lanterns, also known as Kandeels deck up our houses. Colorful paper is used to create unique patterns. Not just colourful papers, but metallic papers, cellophane plastic sheets are also used to create Kandeels. They especially come out this time of the year. More than a house, I like looking at them in clusters displayed at a shop. They look so magical, just out from countryside fair.

kandeel, image by Rochelle Pinto

Image by Rochelle Pinto

3. Cleaning

Diwali cleaning is a magnanimous affair. It starts from cleaning the water tank to your toe nail. The entire house is cleaned so that Goddess Laxmi doesn’t decide to skip her visit to your home. You see, Goddess Laxmi has an OCD with dirt. Also, she is allergic to dust mites. No, I am not kidding! At times, due to this cleaning spree we find lost objects or discard old stuff. Most of the times it leads to wardrobe overhaul. You know what I mean. 😉


4. Ethnic Wear

We ditch the denims and the slim fits for once and bring out our ethnic best. Be it zaridaar sarees or embellished lehengas and Anarkalis; guys wear Sherwanis and Kurtas looking their dapper best. We all are game to go back to our roots and experiment with Indian style and ensembles. Dressing up is so much fun for a fashion blogger.

Anushka Sharma

5. Crackers

Environmentalists please pardon me, but crackers do mark the festivity. I don’t like the pollution and the noise generated with the crackers. But if community cracker bursting is done at one place for a limited period of time then a lot can be managed in terms of pollution. I do find them extremely beautiful when rockets burst into zillion sparkling stars or anars spew a fountain of sparkly-s.


6. Sweets

Sweets are an integral part of this festival. People share sweets, gift it to near and dear ones and offer it to the guests. Laddoos, gulab-jamun, emarti, jalebi; you name it and those are made available to you. All those who have sweet tooth just enjoy the festivities trying out various Indian sweets. Foodies! Enjoy.


7. Shopping

Diwali sale and shopping go hand in hand. People wait for sales, exclusive offers and brand promotions during the festival season to get the best rates. From a refrigerator or a Rayban, people indulge in heavy shopping. Let’s not forget, they also buy lots of Diwali gifts for their loved ones.

shopping, Pulkit Samrat

8. Exchanging gifts with friends and families

Who doesn’t love gifts? And Diwali is the best time to give and receive gifts. People exchange gifts with their friends and family. I love this part completely. Where is my gift?


9. Diwali parties

Diwali parties are very common for the Indians abroad. This is where they wine and dine in their ethnic best. But in India, Diwali party means a lot of dance, song, henna rituals, good food and drinks. Everyone lives for the moment. Every office has a Diwali party. Every college and school has Diwali party which also marks their Diwali break (holidays). So, it’s a happy time for everyone.


10. Lots of family pictures and selfies

Beautiful people, wearing beautiful dresses, eating beautiful food and enjoying a beautiful evening; all this needs to be captured. Isn’t it? That is where camera and phones come handy and go berserk clicking pictures and selfies during Diwali. On that day these are the most utilised gadgets for sure.

Canon camera, Anushka Sharma, Diwali

11. The chill in the air

Slight chill in the air is pleasantly welcomed by people, especially in north India as they get ready to transition from autumn to winter. The days become shorter, perfect to welcome the evenings earlier than usual. People wait for the sun to set so that they can switch on the colorful lights decorating their homes, shops, etc.

chill in the air, bangbang, Katrina Kaif

Which is your favourite festival? Do leave a comment below.

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