15 top UFO sightings in India – Uncle from Mars did visit us

A week back, media across the world reported that a man had spotted a UFO while browsing through Google Earth. The pink UFO had an alien head popping out of it. Creepy! Many of us do not believe that life exists beyond earth. I would say that those people are arrogant who think that intelligent life can only and only exist here. Many are also skeptical as most of these sightings are mainly reported from the USA. Well, it’s not that aliens only like to visit Area 51; UFO’s have been sighted across the world, including India. In fact, it is rumoured that there is a UFO base in the Himalayas along Indo-China border. But no one knows how much of this is true. Aliens may not know that our world is divided into continents and countries. The area covered by America is much more than area covered by any other country, therefore more sightings are reported from there. Moreover, people in the rural and remote areas in India, still do not have proper communication channels or connectivity; leave aside internet or smart phones to report such incidents.

Flying saucers are not a recent phenomenon. Our ancient scriptures and religious texts mention such incidents in plenty. Be it Mahabharata or Ramayana, you will find mention of flying saucers or vimanas easily. Pushpak being the most known. These mentions are corroborated by other ancient civilization texts as well. Only a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna from the University said that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships! Their method of propulsion, she said, was “anti- gravitational”. There is science, which is still unknown to us but was available to our ancestors. Dr. Roberto Pinotti, Italian scientist says, “Certain descriptions of the Vimanas in the Indian scriptures seemed too detailed and technical in nature to be labeled a myth. He cited various tests to show there were 32 secrets relating to the operation of Vimanas, some of which could be compared to modern day use of radar, solar energy and photography.”


Therefore, Mumbaigloss decided to curate a list of major UFO sightings in India in the last few decades. You decide if these stories are true or false. But before I start, let me clarify that UFO means Unidentified Flying Objects which may be alien or otherwise. Radar usually intercepts flying objects which have metal parts in it. And not all reported UFO sightings are true. 90 per cent of them are false and baseless. Here is the list of the top 15 UFO sightings in India:

1. Ladakh -2013: Last year saw a huge uproar on the India – China border where Indian army men saw yellow orbs lifting up in the sky from the Chinese side. They reported such sighting from the Lagan Khel area in Demchok in Ladakh. Drones were sent out to investigate if they were weather balloons or Chinese lanterns but nothing was concluded. Few even thought that those were spy cameras or humanoids flying around the area to test new technology. Since then 100 such sightings were reported. Chinese denied any such interventions. Later government officials asked the astrophysicist to look into the matter who reported that those orbs were planets Venus and Jupiter. It might be true or a government cover-up. I am sure Indian army has enough hi-tech equipment and intelligence to ascertain if the orbs were stars or something alarming.

2. Chikhaldhara, Maharashtra – 2013: Pratyush Kumar from Delhi saw a UFO with his family while on vacation. He described it as a cone shaped orange lit vehicle which moved away within seconds.

3. Kannur, Bangalore – 2013: Divya Sebastian, and Major Sebastian Zachariah, an Army officer saw a space ship while on their vacation to Kannur. Though, astrophysicists have out rightly denied this report and called it a hoax. But the couple persists that while checking features for his new HTC phone Major Sebastian was able to capture the UFO in one of the frames. He didn’t see it with naked eye. Nay sayers say such apps are available across android market which can merge two images easily. Even few said that at times the phone’s technical aspects are unknown to a new user and he must have merged two images by mistake. But those who have used HTC say that such errors cannot occur with a high-end phone like HTC 1. You decide if it’s true or false.


4. Agra, Uttar Pradesh – 2013: An online video was posted in April showing unidentified flying object very close to the white marbled Taj Mahal, monument in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It sent ripples in the media as many confused the two individual reports of UFO sightings in India (Army sights UFO in Ladakh and this one) and came up with their own version – “Indian army saw UFO over Taj Mahal” which was absolutely false. Later, it was discovered that the video was fake and the original video was shot in 2010 which  didn’t have any UFO in it.  Though, there are people who claim that it is true and it will not be surprising to see alien activity around Taj Mahal which still has a lot of mystery surrounding it. Many claim that Taj Mahal is built on an old Shiva Temple. Hinduism is the oldest religion which has passed on many secrets from the ancient world.

5. Rishikesh, Uttrakhand – 2013: Cigar-shaped Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were seen hovering over Rishikesh city. The witness (RabdaBanda) also claimed the sighting was accompanied by the sound of a sudden thunderstorm which was “very strong”. One video of the sighting uploaded by the user has been edited to make it five to six times slower for better visibility of the UFO. The user also uploaded the original video footage later.


6. Bangalore – 2008: On 24 April, 2008, Afzal Khan from Jayanagar saw a bright, slow-moving object which looked like a group of lights moving in a triangular formation in the sky towards west/north-west direction at 9 – 9:30 pm. This object was definitely not an airplane as it was moving very slowly. It later disappeared but he managed to capture a few images. ibnlive had put those images on their page which seems to have been removed now.

7. Kolkata – 2007: Farhan Akhtar, a senior executive of a private company, Kolkata saw a shape shifting UFO in early hours of one October morning. He was able to capture the UFO on his handycam. The object emitted a bright light forming a halo and radiated a range of colours. It was spotted by many people and hundreds gathered along the E.M. Bypass to catch a glimpse of the UFO, triggering a frenzy.

8. Delhi – 2007:  On March 7, 2007, air traffic control radars in Delhi picked up two unidentified flying objects over Delhi moving northwest to south between 9: 30 am and 10:00 am (IST). Sources told CNN-IBN that both the objects were flying seven miles apart. They flew over Safdarjung before heading east and vanishing off the radar. Both the ATC and the Air Force tried to establish radio contact with them, but failed. The UFOs flew just above the Safdarjung Airport. But what raised serious concern in the security establishment is the fact that the Prime Minister’s house is just 2 km from the spot and so are the other high-security areas.

9. Aurangabad, Maharashtra – 2006: Satyam Tallapalli K. and Vijay Gujarathi A. had witnessed a huge UFO above the caves of Ellora that vanished within seconds. He took his mobile phone and immediately captured a picture before it left every one horrified.

Ellora enclaves2

10. Hyderabad – 2005:  Anirudh Kashikar and Harish Mahenderkar confirmed a UFO sighting in Hyderabad, India. They saw round disc object hovering over the evening sky. Both live around 1000 feet apart from each other and both observed the phenomena independently.

11. Ladakh – 2004: 100 kms south of the Lahaul-Spiti valley, a group of geologists and glaciologists linked to the nation’s Space Applications Centre were exploring the mountainous region when they spotted a four-foot tall “robot-like” humanoid figure stalking the valley edge 50 metres from them for about 40 minutes, before jetting off and disappearing from sight. Despite 14 people witnessing the mysterious spectacle including six scientists and passing film footage to intelligence units and the army, the matter, says India Today, was “buried”. 


12. New Delhi – 2000: On 8 April at 11:55 p.m. a crowd of people in New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi International airport saw a luminous yellow-orange cigar-shaped object. The UFO hovered over the air cargo terminal, wobbled and then disappeared. 

13. Chennai – 1991: Two witnesses Mr. Nikhil and Mr. Sabu confirmed and reported a UFO sighting. The sighting lasted 45 minutes from 9.30 pm till 10.15 pm on 11 October 1991 starting with the descent of a huge gigantic oval shaped object that hovered slowly and descended to approximately 500 feet above ground, the object was dark with bronze / gold edging under some sort of intermittent cloaking device. Presumably since it was damaged or malfunctioning. The description of the UFO closely matched that of the sighting by Japan Airways flight 1628 over Anchorage Alaska in 1987. It was very large about the size of 2 city blocks, or 1-2 kilometers long, due to the proximity to the ground several alien shadows could be seen through the band of windows in the center of the object. These aliens with thin human like elongated bodies and long arms were quickly moving about suggesting an emergency, the spaceship tumbled for a few seconds until it righted itself, gained height and then vanished into the upper sky at astonishing speed.

Shortly thereafter within a second, two long cylinder like objects black in color with red exhausts about 100 meters long about the size of a fuselage of a commuter jet with a sharp pencil like silhouette appeared and were hunting for the large ship for about 10 minutes in the area going back and forth in a patrolling like pattern, independent of each other, criss-crossing the area where the ship was before. These UFOs then left the area in the same way vanishing at extreme speed as the large spaceship. Several air force military aircraft then arrived in a few seconds after the departure of all the UFO’s. This confirms that the UFO’s had registered on the defense radars and that aircraft were scrambled to intercept the UFO’s. The military aircraft remained on the scene for at least 20 minutes – the whole time-line from first sighting to departure of military jets was 45 minutes. The sighting was reported to the local newspaper the Hindu but was not investigated; both witnesses sketched the same drawings to confirm that they had seen the same objects.

14. Manbhum, Bihar – 1954: On 15 September a flying saucer was seen in the afternoon by about 800 people in three villages (Kadori, Borsa and Mangalda) in Manbhum district of Bihar. Mr Ijapada Chatterjee, manager of a mica mine, told The Times of India that the UFO was about 12 feet in diameter and grey in colour. The object descended to an altitude of about 500 feet, hovered for a few minutes and then soared upwards at an incredible speed, causing a tremendous blow of wind.


15. Delhi – 1951: On 15 March at 10:20 a.m. in New Delhi 25 members of a flying club George F Floate, Chief Aerial officer, along with his two assistants saw a cigar-shaped object in the sky at the Delhi Flying Club hanger  which was about one hundred foot long. The UFO hovered and then vanished from sight within seconds.


I am sure there are many cases which go unreported or have been buried due to international policies. But there is no denying the fact that sometimes we do get extra-terrestrial visitors. Many videos are uploaded on Youtube with the tag “UFO sightings in India”. But no one knows how authentic are these clips. What do you think? Are UFO’s for real?

Mumbaigloss should not be held responsible for the authenticity of any of these reports. These might be true or false and has been curated only as a listing from various sources for the purpose of entertainment.

Resources: Wikipedia, Dailymail.co.uk, Huffingtonpost, Telegraph, NewIndianExpress, IndiaToday, MeriNews, DNA, about Vimanas, about ancient science, Wired.co.uk, ibnlive

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  1. Wow just amazing really awsome content. In India there are a few people like u.

    • Thankyou Hitesh.

      • Its UFO going to help us in world war3
        If you interested in more knowledge message me.

      • dia doesn’t have weapons to defend.we all buy it from NATO and america.they have.if you want further disclosure .message me.through gmail.I will giveinks of videos and other blog which will blow you’re mind.

        For now just search “gray Stat”.
        Watch movie “interstellar”.
        All I can say they devil (west)can kill all human population just by tuning scalar weapons.they want to mind co trol us.cause spirituality vedic dharma on
        Rise in white countries.its took complicated .for now read this.

      • Its too complicated it will take a 3month 6month to understand.good will win and bads will be dead.lord the Vishnu this time won’t spare anyone who abused there power who harmed inpcents who manipulated human civilization and made them into wage slave.the Vishnu this the will just slaughter tyranny government and there pupet leader. Ww3 new world order is near when demonic tyranny elites will start slaughtering PPL.but don’t worry don’t fear goods will win.vedic civilization will prevel on earth again.we will witness this in this few years.

      • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqq0-eLlMp0&list=PL6A9C01765FE06E08

        Information about trojan kill switch in ported weapon.

        We have been deceived nearly by all politicians.

  2. my dad tells me that when they was teenager that time they leave in hostel in aurangabad Maharashtra. that time in evng to night time they saw a UFO along with other friends and all other peoples also this is very old story on 90s

  3. Even, My mother told me about the UFOs in the agricultural land in her childhood. She was born and brought up in village in South India [Tamilnadu]. Yes Most of the time People who saw UFO sightings informed that they are seeing the strange lights or discs in the sky. Will it be meteorites, comets or real UFOs? What makes them coming here? What do they need? These are all the questions remains unanswered till now. If they are having a technology to fly and coming here, why our satellites or even radar can detect those things if they are good enough to shot the flights flying outside the limit of Radar range and no communication with base.

  4. I saw 2 sets of UFO’s 3 each hovering in Chennai on May 5,2010 around 9:55 to 10:20 pm. Many others also witnessed this and apparently this happened again in a week. And was reported on local Chennai times but with a skeptical approach that questioned the reports and disclaimed it might be some Seaport lights, plus no radars detected.

  5. I see atleast 3 ufos everyday at night time, some flash some go fast, some vanish short. my mom recently saw cigar shaped ufo she said it was there for 30mins. Even if u guys stare at sky daily for 30 mins – 2 hours at night time u see atleast more than 5 ufos everyday.

  6. My location Hyderabad.

  7. Ms. Parimita, you should also check the Rendlesham forest Binary code. It was translated through ASCII code in around 2010 and the result was astonishing. The people in UFOs are actually chronologists who ca travel through time. So they might actually be humans/aliens from future!!!! Check the Binary code.

  8. Of all these stories,the incident reported by the geologists&glaciologists of 4-foot tall humanoid bots is most believable.They were considerable in number and were scientific people(not someone who needs to create a hoax for cheap publicity).

    The next most believable is the one seen by villagers of manibhum.The reason–> They were poor villagers in1954 ,most of them lacking even a radio so being unknown to hoax culture of west.Also, in 1954 humanity had just entered the age of jet-engine and still were largely in propeller age.So,its unlikely that it was some advanced military aircraft(that too in india which was extremely backward in tech then)

  9. even i have sighted mse thing like this, it was was never fast , it was more over like patrolling, no where near to ground it was way up in the sky ,like too far for even aeroplanes we see, it was n8 sky around 8 or 9 pm, an orb grey in color moveed frm one horizon to another ,like frm north till south , moved slowly,it took like 2 mins to move ,begining i tought its weather baloon or sme thing , used the neibhours telescope to view it ..it was round like saucer grey, well then no one believed me .

  10. i happened to see a ufo,which intermittently flashed neon green lights.I am sure it’s not an iridium flare satellite,because it was hovering in a very low altitude.

  11. I have seen an UFO last year one night on busy traffic at outer chennai region town name perungalathur. The ufo was looked like orange light ball moving around the sky. after 2 minute it had vanished from my sight

  12. Its very interesting compilation. I have seen one unknown flying object in my child hood two times. It was evening time (sunset sky)and the object was moving at a very steady speed from south east to north west, some 50-100 mtrs in the sky. Round shaped, color unknown, fire was coming out of it from above. No baloon or any other supporting structure for sure. My Grandma asked me to spit in that direction and do not look at that again as it was some devil thing! Same type of object I have seen few years later as well in a different place.
    Recently, one canadian minister also confirmed the existance of Aliens visiting our planet in a press conference. In this enormous universe, its not something impossible..

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