20 haunted places in Mumbai – the city of dreams can give you nightmares

Mumbai, the city of dreams can also give you nightmares. Yes, I am talking in literal sense as this city is full of places rumored to be haunted. Mumbaigloss decided to spook you out my listing places in and around Mumbai that are ghoulish in nature. A few have been testified by the Paranormal Society of India. It will also help the travel enthusiasts who are always looking for haunted sites to visit. So, here is a list of 20 most haunted places in Mumbai:

Haunted places in Mumbai

Roxxane D’Souza from Head to Heels

1. Mahim – The D’Souza Chawl – It is believed that a spirit of a deceased lady roams around the corridors of this chawl and has been seen many times near the well which is not in use anymore. People used to fill drinking water and also wash dishes from this well. Once a local lady was trying to fill water from the well when the wall collapsed and the lady fell into the well. She died immediately. Since then her spirit roams around the premises but does not harm anyone. The spirit vanishes with sunrise.

2. Mahim – Ram Sakit Building, behind Paradise cinema – There is a sealed well in its compound which is rumored to poses the spirit of a 50 year old Maharashtrian lady Sulochana who died after falling into it 20 years ago. The entire neighborhood believes she still appears during Amavasya and vanishes in the morning. The belief is said to be so strong that a person called Richard, who claims to be the landlord, carries out exorcisms of laying flowers on the well every day, to mollify the spirit.

3. Mahim – Nasserwanj Wadi – Nasserwanj Wadi is very near to Mahim railway station and is believed to be haunted by the spirit of the murdered owner who was brutally burnt to death. No local likes to venture after midnight. The locals believe that people get possessed by the spirit and are tormented if anybody crosses path with the murdered owner of the property.
Folklore has it that the property once belonged to a Parsi gentleman called Nasser, who was brutally burnt in a cabin close to a well inside the compound. “The gruesome murder was committed around 16 years ago, but the Parsi landlord still takes his daily stroll over here after midnight, keeping a watch on his property. He is known to torment anyone who crosses his path.” alleged Francis, a resident. “More than seven people have lost their lives here, within a span of one year after the Parsi landlord died, so we concealed the well under a pile of rubble. But this has not really helped,” he alleged.


Mahim can be easily construed as our ‘Ring’ series of horror stories. Quite a lot of wells and spirits.

4. Kemps Corner –Grand Paradi Towers, 8th floor flat jinx is known to everyone in Mumbai. Old couple, Vasudev and Tara Dalal jumped from its window to commit suicide blaming their son and daughter-in-law for harassment. After seven years, the son, Balakrishna, daughter-in-law Sonal along with their college going daughter Pooja jumped off the same balcony and died. Reports of a maid committing suicide in the same building also surfaced. There have been up to 20 cases of fatal accidents and suicides since the building was constructed in 1976. Many involving children and even a maid who either jumped or fell out of a window.” People were scared to buy that property and it has been lying vacant since then. Any buyers?

Haunted places in Mumbai

Grand Paradi Towers

5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park – It is believed that a phantom hitchhiker stops vehicles in the late evenings for a lift. Forest guards insist it’s true. Due to wildlife, dense forest and old caves, quite possible it can be an active ground for paranormal activities.

6. Colaba – Bombay High Court – It might sound funny but it is rumored that a bilingual ghost curses and terrorizes people during any murder trial. It is a vengeful ghost who has been active from the past 30 years. (That one’s got some sense of rumor.)

7. Colaba – Trident Hotel – Trident Hotel doesn’t have floor number 13. Yes call it superstition or an urban legend but this commercial building doesn’t have the 13th floor. Still, it couldn’t save it from the terrorist attack.

8. Colaba – Taj Mahal Hotel – Taj Mahal Hotel’s architect committed suicide and it is rumored that since then its spirit haunts the old wing of the hotel. The architect was aghast to find that his design layout was misinterpreted and the entry of the hotel was made on the wrong side. Many guests have reported incidents of seeing apparitions in the dimly lit corridors of the hotel during the wee hours. The ghost is not harmful.

9. Colaba – Mukesh Textile Mills – Mukesh Textile Mills was shut down due to severe losses resulting from a huge fire incident. Since then this secluded and dilapidated place has become a hot spot for shooting haunted scenes in a movie. The movie artists are not comfortable working late in the evenings. It is rumored that one of the female actors was possessed by a spirit who started talking in a male voice. Food items, water bottles, film shooting gear have been ransacked on numerous occasions as reported by various film crews. Sudden epileptic attacks of the members of the film crews have also been reported many a times.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Mukesh Mills, Colaba

It was also a hot spot of criminal activities during gang war times. Numerous murders are supposed to have occurred in the mills and the bodies disposed of in the adjacent Arabian Sea. Quite possible the spirits of the deceased and the innocent wander around this property.

10. Road to Marve and Madh Island – Staff of Beachfront hotel and locals have seen a spirit of a woman in full bridal wear who distracts the travelers on the road to Marve and Madh Island which is on the outskirts of Mumbai. She limps and screams as if in pain and when somebody goes to help she starts running fast along with the vehicle, at times matching the speed of two-wheeler or three-wheeler. She appears during full moon nights and has caused various accidents on that road. One sprinter of a ghost! Legend has it that an unknown bride was brutally murdered on her wedding night and her body dumped in the isolated mangroves over 25 years ago. The spirit is apparently still on the lookout for the culprits.

11. Thane – Vrindavan Society – It’s said that a man had committed suicide in one of the buildings in Vrindavan Society (Bldg. No.66 B). The security guards patrolling the area around have come across weird happenings since then. They have been slapped hard on their face in isolation and have been spooked by ghostly whispers during patrolling at night. Bollywood ishtyle!

Vrindavan society Thane

Vrindavan society Thane

12. Juhu – SNDT Girl’s college – Residents living nearby say that they hear a female teacher reciting multiplication tables around 2 am from the old ruins in the compounds of SNDT Girl’s college. This was once staff quarters. This is followed by the sound of slapping and children wailing. 10 boys decided to venture into the dilapidated structure to discover the reason behind those noises. They didn’t find anybody there. But as soon as they came back, the noises started again. Ghost of a teacher!

13. Juhu – Pawan Hans quarters – There is a century old Peepal tree, which residents claim is the home to the spirit of a 20-year-old girl called Salma who poured kerosene and set herself ablaze for no apparent reason in 1989. Her presence was so strongly felt that a resident called Anthony D’Souza, a devout Catholic, built a Hanuman Mandir to protect residents from harm after he was apparently guided to do so in a dream. On full moon nights, the girl can still be seen running, with her clothes still on fire and then she disappears into the tree.

14. Santacruz West – After a lady apparently called ‘second floor ki Bhabhi’ by the locals (who are even scared to take her name) committed suicide after a tiff with her husband, a huge black dog appeared out of nowhere and made the second floor corridor his permanent home.
The dog simply doesn’t budge from his place; he just sits there quietly. But every night, he lets out a series of low frequency howls and a veiled lady appears and strolls in the corridor. Next, the silence is broken as the building lift mysteriously comes to a standstill on the floor, as if on command, casting ghastly shadows from its tube light. “The veiled lady never harms anyone, but has all the neighbours scared to death and they refuse to even speak out her real name. You just have to be in the building at midnight to feel her presence,” said a local resident.

15. Jogeshwari – 2nd floor of a multi-story pink building is supposedly being occupied by the spirit of an air-hostess who was murdered. Thereafter, the company allocated the flat to another air-hostess. Since then there have been sightings of a weeping woman on the terrace and around the building. The sobbing lady points out towards the flat and says that she is unable to go home as someone else stays there.

16. Borivali – In the heart of IC colony, is an open garden plot (Chrib Cottage Recreation garden plot no: 13) so dreaded that no child has played here for the last 30 years. Old residents claimed that a gardener committed suicide here after fearing he would lose his job when the property changed hands. Said to be so possessive of the land, the gardener allegedly targets any child playing on the property, which is now covered in undergrowth.

17. Goregaon – Aarey Milk colony – In the dead of the night, it requires sheer guts to cross the dimly-lit Aarey Road, which connects Goregaon to Powai. Danger lurks not only from the leopards who come down from the National Park to feed on easy prey, but also from the paranormal. Old man disappearing into thin air, woman in white saree with a child disappearing, a child crossing the road and then disappearing, spirit of an injured woman chasing, etc. have been doing the rounds. Who knows how much of that is true but it certainly looks haunted in the late evenings.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Aarey Colony

18. SEEPZ – Andheri East – St. John’s Baptist Church, a centuries old Portuguese church was once an abode to the spirit of a young bride who used to torment people coming in the vicinity of the church. Just one prayer meet (mass) is held in a year. The exorcism in 1977 to get rid of the ghost was reportedly a terrifying experience for all those present that moonless night.
“As the priest read lines from the Bible, we first heard manic laughter, and then loud wailing. The sobbing of the unknown voice finally stopped, and suddenly there was a loud splashing sound from the pond next to the church. Everything then fell silent. The next day, all the fishes in the pond were found dead and floating on the surface,’’ said PS Ganesan, who has recorded his experiences in his book, Ghosts, Occults & Exorcists: True and Real Experiences.
The priest later told him that it was the ghost of a newly married woman who had either committed suicide or was murdered around 300 years ago. But after this, she was never seen or heard again.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Saint John Church, SEEPZ

19. Kamathipura – Brothel no: 25 – Kamathipura, which began its journey sometime in the late 1700s, used to be frequented by British soldiers. It was once known as White Gully, where women were imported from European countries and even Japan. Today, some areas of the 14 gullies (lanes) that make up the red light district still have the Alexander theatre and British styled villa brothels — No 25, Colaba Queens, Hotel G-9, and 007. Over here, a prostitute of British era sometimes appears to startle potential customers at night.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Brothel no: 25

20. Carter Road – Aashirwad- Bungalow of late actor Rajesh Khanna was once a haunted house. It was lying empty for a very long time before actor Rajendra Kumar bought it at a dirt cheap price. He had named it Dimple on his daughter’s name. He experienced massive success and was known as Jubilee Kumar. Later, when Rajesh Khanna bought this from him, his success rubbed on to him and he became a superhit star. He married co-star Dimple Kapadia and became one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood. After 10 years of marriage, they both separated. Dimple left with her two daughters. From there, Rajesh Khanna saw his downfall. Success also left with them. He reached a point where he had no work, no fans, and not even those so-called admirers. Finally, this one-time haunted house started haunting him and he spent most of his time in his office on Linking Road, going home only to sleep in a tiny bedroom in a corner. The story took a bizarre turn when he first fell sick and then never recovered. He died in 2012.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow Aashirwad

There are several other paranormal sites across Mumbai. Especially people who died under the wheels of a train haunt railway stations and bridges. Byculla’s S Bridge is haunted by a man killed there. Stragglers at Kurla station say that after midnight an unknown presence taps them on their shoulders. Crossroad next to the Parsi Bhika Behram Well, between Churchgate and Flora Fountain is said to be haunted by an unknown presence too. Tower of Silence, on Malabar Hills evokes fear as dead bodies are being fed to the vultures under Parsi ritual. Juhu locals claim they have heard ghostly sounds from a forsaken bungalow on 12th Road, Juhu. The bungalow is still unsold.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Tower of Silence

This is just a listing and Mumbaigloss should not be held responsible in any way about the authenticity of the reports. These stories might be true or untrue but certainly there is an eerie feeling about these locations.


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