5 most haunted places around Mumbai

Just when I was compiling a list for the most haunted places in Mumbai, I came across many rumoured sites around Mumbai which are supposed to be super-haunted. Dumas Beach near Surat is not only famous for its black sand but is also ranked second in the most haunted places in Asia. Mumbaigloss decided to list 5 most haunted places near Mumbai where you can drive down and witness some paranormal activity.

1. Pune: University of Pune campus, Grave of Alice Richman is engulfed with mystery. Many say that this lush green campus adorned with canopy of trees turns ghoulish at night as many have seen her spirit wandering around her grave in a white dress. Some say she died of Cholera and others say that she fell off the back of a horse and met her fate. Whatever is the reason of her death, but she certainly hasn’t left the colonial era old buildings in the campus. Many have even confirmed that they have seen the dead Australian lady riding on a horse back in a white dress at night.

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Grave of Alice Richman – Image via Akshay Mahajan 

2. Pune: Shaniwarwada Fort – Spirit of a young 13 year old boy, prince Narayan Rao, heir to the throne, killed by his own relatives haunts Shaniwara Fort in Pune. When Peshwas ruled the western Indian province, Narayan the heir of the kingdom was assassinated on the orders of his uncle Madhavrao’s wife. Narayan was chased by his assassins across the entire fort. It was said that while running for his life he called “Uncle save me”, and even today locals say that they hear his cries for help at midnight on new moon day. No one dares to venture inside the fort after sunset.

Haunted places pune, haunted places in India,

Shaniwarwada Fort Pune

3. Daman: Abandoned Daman hotel, which was also featured in MTV’s Girl’s Night Out in 2010 has been a centre of paranormal activity since long. It is haunted by spirit of Nirmala who was murdered along with a man by her husband whom he doubted to be her lover. Nirmala used to work in the house-keeping department of this hotel and was unhappy with her husband who was a drunkard. After her death, her spirit was seen roaming in the hotel corridors carrying towels and bed sheets. People heard her cries from the store-room where her body was found. Liqueur bottles were found broken. The murdered man was seen smoking cigars in the corridor. He could be heard screaming. Things in the room would fly off on their own and get smashed against the wall. Unhappy woman always brings trouble, dead or alive.

Daman hotel which was featured in MTV's Girl's Night Out

Daman hotel which was featured in MTV’s Girl’s Night Out

4. Surat: Dumas Beach is located 21 Kms away from Surat and has black sand. The locals stop you from taking a walk at night on this haunted beach as many tourists have gone missing from here. The locals have heard strange noises and whispers in the air stopping them from going further. Dogs keep on howling and growling throughout night as if witnessing the paranormal existence. It was a crematorium once and hence locals believe that spirits of the dead haunt this beach.

haunted places in India

Dumas beach

5. Lonavla: Raj Kiran Hotel – There is a particular room on the ground floor of this hotel, where guests have reported their bed sheets being pulled off while they slept. Some have woken up in the middle of the night with blue light at their feet. Ghostly apparitions keep floating in this room. The room is in the corner and behind the reception on the ground floor. As a result of these reports the room has stopped being rented out and mostly kept vacant.

Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavala

Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavala

Truth or rumour, but these places have attracted much attention for all the spooky reasons. Will you  ever visit these places?

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  1. Parimita great gng (y)

  2. One mistake in 2. Pune: Shaniwarwada Fort section. Narayan rao wasn’t assassinated on the orders of his uncle Madhavrao’s wife but he was assassinated on the orders of his uncle Raghnathrao’s wife.


  3. About hotel Raj Kiran, well, I have lived there for 2-3 days and didnt find anything paranormal. The story is that a guy died there due to heart attack but its not haunted. I am saying this by experience. Though their menu is definitely haunted with limited choices.

  4. Fake Story about Dumas. Dumas is not Haunted at all. Check out this article for proof: http://buddybits.com/truth-behind-hauntings-of-dumas-beach



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