A Chain of Wishes!

Flipkart’s latest video shows us how happiness is spread through a wish chain and how it inspires people to do something that they have been planning for a while for their loved ones. Their tag line, #AbHarWishHogiPoori is being aptly featured, see it here.

My friend Kalyan wanted to buy a Moto X for himself. He loves to travel and felt that the Moto X would be a great travel buddy! I hope he gets it soon because I really want to know how the camera is!

You might think that’s a bit out of the ordinary for me. To tell you the truth I have always loved to get clicked than go behind the lens. I prefer “fashion to fotos”. My sudden interest in cameras has everything to do with my sister.  My sister has always been a shutterbug. I would do the posing and she would do the clicking! And her interest in cameras continues still. Though, now she is herself a fashion buff. She wants to look her fashionable best all the time. Even at work. She began matching her shoes with her dress and now loves to take selfies with her phone camera. 

Now that this little diva has grown up into a marketing professional, she wants to make sure that she looks impeccable at all the high-profile events that she has to attend. She already has a DSLR but wants something which is small and compact and can easily fit into her handbag or clutch that will help her click great images. She has to meet various people and carrying a big DSLR bag is not convenient for her. Her journey towards her bright career has just begun and I wanted her to get all the tools that she requires to make it a success.

Protibha Chakravorty, Parimita Chakravorty

Protibha and Parimita

In fact she has been telling me, “Didi, I want a camera which can produce images as good as a DSLR but doesn’t look that bulky. I want a stylish little point and shoot camera.” Hmm, I can understand the plight of my little sister who is not so little anymore. After all big sisters are there to support the little ones when they need something. Isn’t it? So I did a little bit of research on her behalf and zeroed down on Sony RX 100 MIII which is available at Flipkart

I showed her the details on the Flipkart app and she was elated. Like a little girl she jumped and said “Yay! I am super excited as it perfectly fits my requirement” but then she looked at the price and said  “this is way beyond my budget.” She was looking a little disheartened by the big price tag. Her eyes looked happy and sad at the same time. I told her not to worry. I went to the Flipkart app and ordered it for her as a gift. I knew this would make her very happy.


I find this camera not an expense but an investment for her future. After all she is my youngest sister who is stepping into the corporate world. And as a big sister I wanted to make it special for her. She will be using the camera often and it will make her job easy. My sister’s wish of getting a compact and fast camera will be fulfilled through this wish chain. She looks all excited to get this camera as she will be able to use it on-the-go. 

Which wish would you like to fulfil for your loved one? Do leave a comment below.

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  1. Aww…elder sisters r the best. my sister pampers me to hell.


  2. That is so considerate. I have always wished that I had a sister, preferably an elder one. Being the eldest in the family i have always pampered my younger brother and my cousins. I can do with some pampering too :)!!

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