Absolut hosted artist Sharmila Samant at Asilo

Absolut has always been closely associated with art and creativity. It introduced ‘Mumbai by Absolut’, an event series which celebrates the art hidden in a city. The event was curated by artist Sharmila Samant – one of the founders of the Mumbai-based collective, Open Circle over a Sundowner evening at ASILO at Palladium hotel.

Mumbaigloss was invited to be a part of this fantastic event. I was pretty excited as art and painting is my second nature. There was a time when I used to make acrylic/oil paintings and sell them online. Of course, I was happy that art was being celebrated at the Absolut event.

Absolut, Mumbai by Absolut, Sharmila Samant

Absolut bottle in a weave

Recently, I read in one of Sharmila Samant’s interviews how she prefers creativity over consumerism. She said, “I believe this should be the approach of every designer. To set your imagination free, you need to free yourself first. Worrying too much about market trends can become a hurdle in the path of innovation. One can come up with new ideas only while working for inner satisfaction.” Since then I wanted to see this artist who is leading an example for others to follow. And I am glad, I got a chance to meet her in person. She is such a warm and friendly host who was graciously answering all our questions. Samant has curated international events, screenings and exhibitions individually and in collaboration and her expertise on the subject reflected when she was trying to give details about her installations.

Sharmila Samant

Artist and curator Sharmila Samant

I was also mesmerized by the beautiful panoramic view of the Mumbai Skyline from the lounge as I reached a little before 7 in the evening. The music, food and cocktails were on a roll. But the best part was the vintage images of Mumbai. A photo wall was created especially for this evening which showcased photos on canvas shot across Mumbai depicting the art, culture and pulse of the city. A few frames were left blank from where I could see the new urban face of the city. It was contrasting yet intriguing.

Additionally, Neon signages such as “Listen to your eye” were seen lighting up the rooftop.

Crowns Tapestry a special silhouette created using bottle crowns was on display. This 280 cms by 275 cms sheet was made up of recycled bottle caps, metal shackles and powder coating. It depicted a shape of a bottle spilling drink.

Sharmila Samant, coke bottle cap art

A special loom weaver was set up called The Mumbai Weave, where guests were seen handpicking the colors and the weaver would incorporate it into a beautifully weaved tapestry in the shape of bottles. Different color threads depicted different castes and origins of the city dwellers. I chose no: 33 which was a beautiful orange for Bengalis. The Mumbai Weave is a metaphor for the coming together of various people from different cultures and backgrounds. This interactive art on display was certainly the best.

I am happy that companies like Absolut are trying to promote art like any other creative talent. And the presence of selected few art connoisseurs meant that such meets are pure elite indulgence. I look forward to many such events in the future.

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