Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – a feisty mom, a glam diva – Noblesse India Photo shoot

Noblesse India photo shoot

Noblesse India photo shoot

With Daniel Bauer and Noblesse Editorial team

With Daniel Bauer and Noblesse Editorial team

Recently, I came across a free copy of Noblesse India, a luxury and lifestyle magazine and saw stunning photographs of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. I was fairly surprised and absolutely happy to see her return to her glam avatar. She is rumored to be making her comeback with director Karan Malhotra’s upcoming movie Shuddi, opposite Hrithik Roshan (Facebook/World Of Aish).  I know the entire media is writing about her Noblesse photo shoot where she is wearing designer gowns and was decked up by celebrity stylist Daniel Bauer. But I was looking beyond this glamour and appreciating her strong resolution to come back and conquer again.

PicsArt_beauty aish

Since her pregnancy in 2011, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has received a lot of flak because of her de-glammed appearances, her weight gain and her fashion choices. Many wrote her off saying that her career is over with her pregnancy. (She opted out of the much publicized and ambitious project, Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’). The rumours of her leaving the industry did a few rounds but died down as she kept on making rave appearances in Cannes and other international film festivals, representing India and ensuring that Bollywood shined at the foreign shores.


What I want to talk about today is that how this beauty queen turned a girl-next-door when marrying her love as well as when she delivered a baby. She took her time to tend to the critical years of her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan, when as an infant a child needs the mother the most. She was a hands-down-mummy and would spend maximum time with her child even with her occasional star appearances both in India and abroad. These initial years of bonding prove to be a lifelong boost for a child’s emotional and psychological health. She would travel with the baby to all her international visits and commitments.  She is herself very much attached to her mother Vrinda Rai and wants to develop a similar relationship with her daughter. I am sure all the mums and daughters can relate to it.PicsArt_momaish

With mum Vrinda Rai

With mum Vrinda Rai

She drew a lot of criticism when she didn’t lose the post pregnancy weight for a long-long time (read 1-2 years). Of course, other celebrity mums were dropping pounds as soon as they were out of the labour room. I am happy to say that at least one celebrity mother decided to set realistic standards for her fans and followers. Her kaftan dresses, anarkalis and brocade sarees didn’t go well with the fashion police. Yet she decided to appear in dresses she was comfortable in and could carry off with elegance. Aishwarya took time to get back to shape and focus on other important aspects of her life which were on priority at that point of time. And now she is back with a bang. Look at the 40 year old sizzle on the sands of The Leela, Goa. She can still give the latest glam brigade a run for their money.

Young Aishwarya

Young Aishwarya

In one of her interviews with a magazine she claims that she has a sweet tooth and starts her day with a cupcake. (If you would like to believe it, looking at her svelte figure now). And she doesn’t workout regularly. Now that makes her mortal, like you and me, who gives in to her sins and indulges in the good things of life. I am eager to see her performance in her next release.  I want to see how a mother bounces back to her natural self and gets on with the grind. It will be an inspiration to all the new mothers who beat themselves up on issues related to career and weight gain. Aishwarya has set an example on how to prioritise in life.  She might be a star to the world, she might be the career woman, the Bollywood diva, but her child and family command equal attention from her.  And that what makes her so awe inspiring.


Images: Pininterest, Noblesse India

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  3. Hi.. nice post! Love Ash as always. Can’t wait to see her back. She has been terribly missed onscreen.

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