Amazon’s Original Breathe is a captivating crime thriller

Dish TVs are passé, the latest trend in entertainment consumption is to live stream from smart channels like Amazon Prime on your TVs, tablets and phones. It has made life so easy. Access to our favorite movie or a program is just a click away. These days I am hooked on to the Original Series called Breathe. Starring R Madhavan and Amit Sadh in lead roles, this is an 8 episode crime thriller that explores the life of two fathers trying to face extraordinary circumstances and win against all odds. As a parent, you can relate to the pain and the helplessness of these individuals.  Amazon Original and programs similar to this is a welcome break from the typical tele trash that is served to us on a daily basis like the saas bahu serials or voyeuristic pleasures served through crass content in the name of reality TV.

These original series is a race against time, to save the dying son of Danny (R Madhavan) suffering from a life threatening disease.  In here, you know the criminal, you know how he is killing his prey in a premeditative way, yet you tend to sympathize with him because of why he is committing the crime. Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) is an unconventional officer in Mumbai Crime Branch, who puts together the pieces of unconnected deaths of organ donors. We see the importance of pledging our organs for donation after death, as well as fear that such a thing can also put people in danger if the information reaches the wrong hands.

When I say wrong hands, it means not just organ mafias or medical scams but also simpletons like Danny who are forced to choose a path between morality and saving the life of his son Josh by murdering the organ donors. Sounds interesting as well as scary, isn’t it? Breathe drives importance of organ donation time and again throughout the show. It clearly has a social message where the grandmother is praying that the PM of India should make it mandatory for everyone to donate their organs. More than 30 Lakh people die every year because of lack of healthy donors. It also pushes the case that if there are enough donors in the country then no Danny would have to take such extreme steps to save someone they love.

I am not trying to justify Danny’s case. Whatever he is doing is wrong. Killing someone for your own benefit is definitely not ok. He comes out as a scheming psychopath who kills his victims in the most vicious and shrewd way so that their death looks natural. He confides in his dead wife. He uses his son’s doctor by getting her romantically involved with him. He lies to his family by saying that he is going to the football academy that he runs, instead he stalks his victims and plans their murder. He looks like a saint but acts like a devil. If I was in his place, maybe I would have never had the courage to act in such a way. Murdering people needs a different sort of mindset, which makes us wonder that how a god fearing, family man like him can plan and murder people. It makes us stand up and notice that how circumstances can change a good man to someone vicious. How Danny turns from protector to a predator.

So who should watch Breathe – Amazon Original series? Anybody who is keen to explore crime fiction or psychological thriller or someone who is happy with unconventional storyline. It is impactful in many ways as a storyline. The protagonist, the antagonist, the supporting characters, all are developed individually. They are not connected in any way. Yet they deliver a cohesive story. The victims are from different backgrounds but they come together due to one cause, i.e. organ donation. The story flows seamlessly but is interconnected. It comes with interesting twists and turns. And believe me or not at times it is outright turmoil between good and bad. The tussle is so evident every time the protagonist plans to kill its victim.

I am happy that Amazon is investing in Original Series in India to give a different brand of entertainment to its loyal fans. Not only do I get to see latest and popular movies and tele serials online, but also get unique, new entertainment with such gritty and strong stories about human emotions and lives. Needless to say, Amazon Prime is growing in popularity in the Indian market. It caters to all age groups and various tastes. It has some interesting documentaries as well. The point that I am trying to make here is that Indian consumer (entertainment) now has a choice. It can invest in loud, over the top, tasteless content on cable and dish TV or it can switch to a more meaningful and intense drama at portals like Amazon Prime.

At times I think, how our entertainment choices are changing rapidly. Most of the content is consumed through mobile these days. While travelling or otherwise, mobile, pads and laptops are used much more than television. There is still a big chunk of population who are glued to TV, especially in smaller towns and rural areas. But the educated and urban are gradually shifting to mobile entertainment. And therefore, it is necessary that the makers keep that in mind while creating content for mobile. Amazon Originals may be just on their second venture in India but they look promising. And I am hoping that they churn out better content with time. Breathe is an excellent approach for creating good content. But definitely, there is a scope for even better storyline.

Having said that, Breathe is a captivating crime thriller that you should not miss. I ask you to see the first few episodes to realize how the story grips your interest that you don’t want to stop. Let me know what you felt about Breathe. It will be good to hear your review.

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