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Gone are the days when getting interiors done would simply mean emulsion finish paint and some P.O.P work at the ceiling.  These days interior designing includes a lot of detailing according to themes, colour schemes, patterns, etc. And when it comes to accessorizing a room, the first thing that is considered to enhance the look is to get unique and beautiful lights and fans. Positioning of lights plays an important role in adding character to a room. It helps to make a room look large or match up to the theme. These days most of the urban population is interested in international designs and want to give their home an exclusive look. Local markets do not provide much choice and hence they are always on the lookout for out-of-the-box ideas to decorate their home. They want the best interior design solution for their rooms.

Lights-511 hat

They might find their options at Anemos, in lower parel. Anemos is unique, simply, because it is the only store with a range of lights, ceiling and table fans that express classic simplicity to progressive modernity in a space reminiscent of a science museum. Bazinga!!

They claim to have very unique, up-market, beautiful designs in fans and lights. They showcase designs which are retro, classic or vintage to contemporary modern chic; the range displayed is versatile and might be what you are looking at for your room. Their latest collection has lamps shaped like old school bulbs with modern design, pulley lamps, and chandeliers shaped like tea cup holders and even the very futuristic and mystical phantom lamps. Also, they have a range of lights transformed from old oil lamps to bring a sense of the 70’s to your home.

The_Phantom_Lamp_White Lights-711

Partners Nipoon Agrawal and Rajkumar Jain started the store in 2005 and have been offering selected pieces to the customers at their showroom in Lower Parel. Anemos has special designs for Diwali.

(Hat light – Rs. 5,000/- ; Phantom Light – Rs. 57,500/-; Tortoise Light – Rs. 3,500/- ; Purple Pulley Light – Rs. 1,21,000/-)

For more information you can visit Anemos at Ground Floor, Krishna House, Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai; Contact number: 022 4934306; Website:

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