Are you ready to Embarq on an all women only drive from India to Thailand?

ALL INDIA WOMEN’S DRIVE – INDIA TO THAILAND (CAR AND MOTORCYCLE) will be held between 20th October to 4th November 2018. Starting from Guwahati, India and ending in Bangkok, Thailand – covering a total distance of 2800 km, this first ever all-women only drive for a long distance as such will be one interesting international road trip.  Conceptualized and planned by women, the trip was announced on Women’s Day in March this year. If you are game, then register yourself with Embarq. Embarq will help you with visas, car & Individual permits, car custom paperwork, border crossing- entrance fee, buying vehicle insurance, buying health insurance, toll road fee, carnet for the vehicle, stay and food etc. Embarq team will have lead and back up vehicles to assist the drivers.

Embarq is an overland touring company that was set-up by Sujal Patwardhan and Medha Joseph in 2015. These women left their respective corporate jobs to pursue their passion for traveling. All this started with a road trip that Sujal and Medha took from India to Morocco. Since then, they have done various road trips in the past 2 years like India to Spain, within Scotland, New Zealand, Best of Silk Route, Baltics Self Drive, etc. They both have driven close to 1 lakh kilometers each! (jaw drops). Sujal started driving when she was 18. Medha started driving when she was 24. But the driving bug got stronger when they started planning and executing long distance road trips on their own. From visas, to hotel bookings, to route planning to buying health insurance– they did everything required to make their road trips a success.

Sujal Patwardhan and Medha Joseph, All Women Drive, India to Thailand, Embarq

Sujal Patwardhan and Medha Joseph

Within a month of coming back from their India-Morocco trip, these girls registered their company with full support from their family and friends. That trip was life changing for both of them. With corporate roles, they had been planning for the India- Morocco trip since 2013 but failed. It only materialized in 2015 when they undertook a massive inter-continental journey of 23,000 km along with five other friends on a Toyota Land Cruiser. Starting from India, they drove for 57 days across 15 countries and three continents to reach their destination – Morocco! Embarq was founded in October 2015.

We asked, why an all-women’s drive from India to Thailand? To which the duo answered, “There are a lot of women who like to drive and want to do overland road-trips. The thrill and joy of crossing India’s border in your own car/motorcycle is a unique experience. However, overland road-trips require a lot of know-how and paperwork which is time consuming. And a lot of road-trippers don’t know from where to begin or go about it. Having done this route from Guwahati to Thailand multiple times, we wanted to provide an opportunity to other women so that they could sign-up without any hesitation. Embarq takes care of their concerns regarding safety, security and experience. This not only puts the women at ease but also their families. This drive has been organized in association with WIAA (Western India Automobile Association).”

Drive from India to Thailand, All women's drive, Sujal Patwardhan, Medha Joseph, Embarq

Sujal Patwardha and Medha Joseph with their beasts on wheels

“We both quit our well-settled careers in the corporate world, to plunge into road trips and explore new destinations at every opportunity. We always seek inspirational stories of the ordinary women. We feel that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey; and one should always expect the unexpected. We feel that traveling is a way of interacting with nature. We always wanted to do something in the travel space and during the India to Morocco drive, we understood that a lot of people are interested in road trips but don’t have the time or knowledge to plan it. That’s when we decided to change the way Indians vacation and convert them into road trippers.”

Medha Joseph, EMBARQ

Medha Joseph

Details of the drive:

This drive is being planned from 20th Oct 2018 to 4th Nov 2018, starting from Guwahati, India and ending in Bangkok, Thailand – covering a total distance of 2800 kms. The flag off is from Guwahati. The convoys will reach Imphal and cross the Indian border into Myanmar. Drive through the rustic countryside of Myanmar- across 50 iron bridges, Bagan- the archeological site with thousands of Buddhist temples, drive by the capital of Myanmar and then cross into Thailand. In Thailand we will drive across the Asian highway to reach Bangkok while experiencing the remote beauty of the small towns in Thailand.

Sounds like a plan! Are you coming sista?

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