ASUS Zenfone 2: the best smartphone with HDR camera below Rs. 20000

I have been researching a bit these days about my next phone. Being a blogger, it is very necessary that I should invest in a phone that gives me great images even in less light. I love Android technology but do not intend to pay a high price to get a smartphone that delivers great picture quality. After a researching a lot, I shortlisted ASUS Zenfone 2 as my next phone-to-be. Why? Well here are my reasons:

Design and dimensions: ASUS Zenphone 2 has won several design awards. The brushed metallic finish and curved body gives it a very posh look. The stylish design with 5.5 inch screen makes it a premium looking phone on a budget. For a stylista, this will add to the entire look and feel of an ensemble.  It is available in Silver, Golden, Black and Red tones. The 5.5 inch screen makes it easy to read and browse.


Image clarity: It has high-resolution 1920×1080 Full HD IPS display that offers wide 178-degree viewing angles. The staggering 403ppi pixel density makes the image colours vivid and the output so real-life like. Crisp images and videos make it ideal for watching Youtube videos and browsing through images. Colour display on the screen can be adjusted to one’s personal taste by playing with hue, colour temperature and saturation.

Glove touch support: Has it ever happened that your fingers are wet or you are wearing gloves and your phone refuses to pick a call or launch instant camera when you actually need it? The screen sensitivity doesn’t pick up finger movements when they are veiled or wet. In this phone, it will never be a problem. It has the fastest touch response and browsing on this phone is a breeze.


Camera: ASUS has put in a lot of hard work to develop a phone that can give you a satisfaction of a point and shoot camera. It is ideal for photography or HD video shots. Its PixelMaster Camera 2.0 gives 13 MP rear and 5 MP front camera with an array of editing tools. It has super large aperture for low light so that you do not get grainy images at night. I am so glad that it clicks beautiful images with 400 per cent bright images. Its Dual tone flash isn’t harsh and produces natural looking images. Thank God! I used to dread flash usage and whitened faces.  It is a pleasure to shoot in HDR with its camera. For selfie enthusiasts there are a lot of helpful tools. The Beautification tool helps you to adjust the skin softness, blush colour, skin tone, etc. How cool is that! You can click a 140 degree panoramic selfie if your group is very big. The manual mode is even more interesting. There are 13 professional settings and controls that you can manually adjust and click awesome images. And also, there are apps like PhotoEffects that help you with editing and post production activities. With MiniMovie app you can edit your videos and create professional looking videos on your phone itself. I am sold. Seriously!


Tap Tap and On/Off: ASUS ZenMotion technology helps you to switch on/off the phone with a double tap. Wow, I wish life was so simple. You can also use the same motion to lock or unlock it. You can set up to 6 motion gestures to launch individual apps even when your phone is locked. Amazing, isn’t it? I know it will come handy when I am in a hurry.

Child Mode: Now this is a blessing for sure. As a parent I am worried that my child should not get exposed to adult content while browsing or explore my apps that have confidential information. I have an inquisitive toddler who fiddles with my phone often. The ZenUI Kids Mode makes it easy to manage apps, content, and play time, eliminating worries about what she will explore next.

Worldwide, this phone has been received very well. It is being compared to the topselling smartphones in the 25k range which is a plus point in itself. A few users have mentioned that the battery life isn’t very good but again that depends on the usage. I personally found this phone pretty interesting and feel that it could easily replace my current phone. Moreover, it is available on Flipkart where I always get a good price. 

What do you guys think? Do leave your comments below.

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