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I looked the ugliest bride in the history of mankind. Yes, I say so because the makeup artist screwed up my look completely. It’s been 8 years and I haven’t forgiven or forgotten still. She ruined what could have been the princess moment of my life, the dreamy picture where I could have looked my beautiful best. She ruined it all, Aargh! But you don’t make this mistake. Always choose a certified makeup artist or someone who has a proven track record of changing an ugly duckling into a swan. Makeup artists are no less creative as they try to highlight the beauty of a person. I was recently invited to Jharna Shah Makeup & Hair Academy Boutique Salon Spa where I met the young and dynamic owner Jharna Shah and asked her about her academy and the career prospects as a makeup artist.

Jharna Shah, Makeup artist Mumbai, Professional makeup

Jharna Shah

Jharna Shah Makeup & Hair Academy Boutique Salon Spa provides professional makeup classes as well as it is a one stop solution for the brides and grooms to-be. Not only can they take pre-bridal/marriage treatments but also get ready for their special day. The academy is located on the first floor of Siddhi Apartments on a quiet Juhu street, next to Cooper Hospital. There is no signage and it can be easily missed, if coming for the first time. The décor is uber chic with Turkish chandeliers, wall art and wall paper. The colors used spell glamour. You can see hues of red, gold, purple, silver and it easily captures your fancy. Though fresh paint made my eyes burn a bit but I still couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful set up.

Jharna Shah office

I met Jharna and she immediately made me feel comfortable in her plush office. She manages 8-10 staff members who help her with her business. She looked young and suave and I couldn’t help but ask:

When did you realize that makeup was your passion, though you come from a business background?

“I started five years back as a freelance makeup artist. One year I was freelancing and doing makeup for brides. So, I decided to start off with my own studio. I had a smaller setup before we moved here. I was functioning from there. I used to conduct all personal & professional trainings from there. And within two years we moved from there and set up the current Academy. I always loved makeup and used to love dressing up but it never occurred to me that I wanted to take this up as a career. It all started with my marriage. I was trying to find a good makeup artist for myself and wasn’t very happy with the suggestions. I decided to do more research on makeup, I found that the makeup artist whom I was booking also used to give personal training and that’s when I realized that it was my passion and can make a career out of it.

I have done a lot of courses from India and abroad. There is no one particular academy I could name.”

Jharna Shah make up

Engrossed in her work

I asked her about the classes she provides at her studio. She said, “We provide both professional and personal makeup classes. The products are provided by us, unlike other places where the students get their own products. We want to maintain quality as well as skin health while providing training on makeup looks and hairstyles. We use only high quality products from Mac, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Urban decay, Benefit, Smash-box, Makeup Forever during the classes.”

She further added, “We conduct both professional and personal classes of various durations. Certificates are provided to students who want to take it up as a career. Details are given at We also conduct personal classes (various durations) for individuals who want to learn makeup and hairstyles for themselves.” I agree, in today’s world your first impression can make or mar your prospects. She said, “Group class of 8 students is conducted once a week and one-on-one classes are provided to the individuals throughout the week. Price of group classes starts from Rs. 6500 + taxes but they are provided with all the information required to successfully do their makeup. They learn everything related to their skin, like skin tone, what is their foundation shade, what is their concealer shade, lip colors that will look good on them, blush shades that will go with their complexion, different types of eye makeup, like smokey eye, party makeup, everyday makeup, dewy look, makeup for traditional function, basic nude look, so they get to learn three looks plus all the shades. It also covers their daily skin care regime, night regime and everything else related to their skin.”

Jharna Shah Makeup Studio

Nice! But what if later the students face difficulties?

Jharna said, “We also offer aftercare. If a student has doubts in the future, they can call us anytime to clarify their doubts. For that we don’t charge them at all. But nobody usually calls back because the classes are simple and very informative, systematically organized as well as note taking is encouraged so that they remember everything step by step and always refer back to their notes. We also call back to know their feedback and have hardly got any negative reviews.”

What are the benefits of getting training from your institute?

Jharna said, “Recently, a student from Jharna Shah Makeup Academy was offered Rs. 35000/month package by MAC. Our students get trained so well on the products that they can demand such pay structure from these outlets easily (Better pay at entry level than an MBA student of average B school). We also provide placement to our students with various brand outlets, salons and industry openings. For example, TV and Movie units have openings at periodic level. Students get lifetime 15 per cent discount on various brands who partner with Jharna Shah Makeup & Hair Academy Boutique Salon Spa.”

Wow! That’s brilliant!

Personally, which make up do you use?

“For my daily regime, I am using a Laura Mercier primer, Laura Mercier foundation, but when I have to do professional make up, I feel MAC is the best. I feel MAC is a little underrated in India, because may be it is a little expensive and it is not as popular here in India but it’s an excellent brand and they really have good products. But it’s really good for professional use.

Bobby Brown is a high-end brand which is expensive than MAC but the product quality of both are same. MAC concealers work best to cover under-eye dark circles and blemishes. MAC Studio Fix range is good.  And also for every day, for people like us, you also have the select moisture that is also really nice; it’s like a tinted moisturizer when you don’t need a lot of coverage.”

Makeup charts by Jharna Shah Studio

Makeup charts by Jharna Shah Studio

Can you tell me something about the spa?

Jharna Shah elaborated, “This Spa is a one-stop solution for the brides as well as grooms. Not only do they get ready here on their D-Day but can also avail the pre-bridal packages to prepare their skin and hair for their special day. The packages have been customized for the groom, bridesmaids, and family members. Our pre-bridal package called Tatva is ideal for the brides to-be.”

The spa looks like a dream with Turkish décor and I asked her if there were any Turkish treatments?

She said, “The whole ambience of this spa is very Turkish, apart from that we are also going to start with the Hamam services, which will be an additional service which will start after 6 months. We have nice Hamam soaps, salts and other Turkish spa ingredients.”

Okay! That sounds very exciting, taking a Hamam treatment like a princess.

Jharna Shah spa, bridal treatment

Jharna Shah Makeup & Hair Academy has participated in:

  • Training for Femina Diva finalists.
  • Sponsored Makeup for ‘Big Star Entertainment Awards’
  • Seminar with Atul Kasbekar
  • Participated in event ‘Diva in You’ by Marks & Spencers

Jharna Shah

Your search for an ideal makeup institute is over. Learn the art of make-up from Jharna Shah Makeup & Hair Academy and make a career of a lifetime. Psst! The spa is an added bonus. 

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