Bollywood’s ode to your bum

Recent spate of Bollywood songs dedicated to our posterior has been doing rounds in the music circle. It’s not that such references are new to the industry. It’s just that the journey from ‘zara lakh nu hila’ to ‘shake your bootiya’ has been rather abrupt. Not just Bollywood, recent International single ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj which openly magnifies the desirability and beauty of the big bum has also cashed in on this body part. Highly sexualised and objectified and now humourised in our Bollywood songs, we decided to list 5 songs in the recent times which have glorified the ever elusive BUM.


Not in any particular order:

1) Shake your bootiya – Finding Fanny

This song is catchy and will certainly be a favourite with the party goers. But more importantly the entire cast of the movie is dancing in this song in an interesting doll house. Masked faces add the fun element to it.

2) Engine ki seeti mein bum dole – Khoobsurat (New)

The whacky Mili Chakravorty (Sonam Kapoor) doing a jig with the security staff of a castle is kind of funny. This song has been inspired by an old song from the movie ‘Maa’ err, from the traditional Rajasthani folk song. Whatever it is, sounds like a lot of fun. Hope it is justified in the plot.

3) Bum Bum Bole – Taare Zameen Par

Its a hit with the kids as well as the parents. Teacher Aamir Khan shaking his bum to cheer up the wards is a sweet gesture. Moresoever, when he is teaching them to have fun and taking life easy with song dance ritual.

4) Tooh tooh – Gori Tere Pyar Mein

Well, let’s not discuss about the movie here. Just this song where everyone is happily shaking their ‘tooh’ aka bum and pointing towards their butt of course. Kareena looks amazing in her punjabi avatar.

5) Bum pe laat – Himmatwala (New)

I know the movie doesn’t need a mention here. But I just couldn’t think of any other song. If you know any, do let me know.

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