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Some good news for busy profesionals! Especially men, who feel that style and fashion brands only target women. These days presenting yourself well at work place is equally important. And a well-tailored crisp shirt is all it takes to be the best dressed in your professional circle. Unfortunately, not all readymade brands deliver a good quality shirt with a perfect fit. Size issues, unsatisfactory colour choice, print and design discontent make a ‘good buy’ difficult. Many don’t have the time to go to various shops to try out the right fit and fabric. 

Bombay Shirt Company - shirt samples

Bombay Shirt Company – shirt samples

But there is a solution to your formal wear woes.  Bombay Shirt Company (BSC), an online tailoring store, specializes in customized tailored shirts for all age groups. Pick and choose your style, your fabric, your cut (slim fit or a little roomy). Pick your combination of print, cuffs, collars, buttons and more, so that the shirt you create is unique to you. Personalize it with your initials and have your perfectly fitted shirt delivered to you at your doorstep. Now that sounds like a dream, isn’t it? 


Monogramming your shirt - Bombay Shirt Company

Monogramming your shirt – Bombay Shirt Company

They also have a concept of ‘travelling tailor’, wherein a representative of the brand travels to the customer instead of the customer travelling to a tailoring shop. You can call their representative wherever you prefer like home or office and give them details about the shirt you want to create. The representative helps the customer in the design selection, suggesting cuts, fabrics, colours and other details and then measures the customer to get a perfect fit. This information is then taken back to the BSC workshop and the complete custom shirt is then delivered to the patron in few days. 

Bombay Shirt Company

Bombay Shirt Company

So what are you waiting for?  Your perfect fit shirt lies a click away from you at Bombay Shirt Company. 

Price details:  BSC Essential – INR 1880 (Big Indian Mills); BSC Select – INR 2900 (Expensive Imported Fabric from European Mills + Fusing Germany)

Address: Bombay Shirt Company, 321 Creative Industrial Estate, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400011

For orders & customization –
Website: www.

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  1. waww!! nice to know about customized stitching in city!! even better option for men @ Best Formal Shirts shopping

  2. Customized shirting will be best option for people having some problems with their body structure
    formal Shirt clothes can be a solution for them with customized stitching

  3. very good info regarding easy shopping..!! as online shopping is the best way of getting unnecessary ads and all, people generally dont tend to look to websites which are not trusted….. in online there is huge availability of latest men shirts which will come for best prices available!!

  4. can I only get cuffs n collars as per sample which I shw u ? Need 100 collars n 200 cuffss t
    To start with ! It’s for USA !

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