From Brown to Red hair colour with Lakme Absolute Salon

Indian women are the least risk takers when it comes to chopping off their hair, trying new colours or highlights and styling their precious manes. We are so attached to them. Since childhood we are taught about ‘kaale ghane sundar baal’ that we become paranoid at the very mention of getting a hair makeover. I have a hairstylist friend who laughs at the clients when they say, “Please give me a new look but don’t reduce the length of my hair.” Like how? How is a hairstylist going to do that? May be with a magic wand instead of the scissors!

Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra

I was no different. I experienced two sleepless nights pondering over which hair style to go for when this opportunity came over through Indiblogger and Lakme Absolute Salon. After shortlisting three hot hairstyles I asked my friends about their opinion on my social media accounts and all of them indicated that I should try The Auburn Blend.

RED? OMG? (This is what I thought in my head). Of course, I have tried chocolate browns, caramel highlights, and golden brown ombre in the past. I had red highlights in 2011 only in the crown area, but then never something so pronounced. Also, Red is a high maintenance colour. I will have to be very particular in using colour protect shampoo and conditioner if I want the colour to stay for long. With all these apprehensions in mind I went for my hair makeover.

Lakme Absolute Salon, The Show Stopping Hair, The Auburn Blend

As I reached Lakme Absolute Salon off Linking Road in Bandra, I had made up my mind to go RED! Meena, my hairstylist was swift and efficiently discussed my hair condition. She suggested that I should opt for Auburn ombre with subtle red highlights to cause the least damage to my already coloured hair. My brown ombre was fading and she didn’t want my hair to become dry at the ends. So she used the colours directly on my hair without trying to lighten them any further. She used two shades of red, Schwarzkopf Egora Royal L88 at the ends which was a bright red and Egora Royal 488 on the crown which was a deep Auburn colour. I sat their amused, sipping my green tea, excited to see the outcome.

Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra, Red Hair colour

After 35 minutes, I was taken for a shampoo. The Tigi colour protect shampoo and conditioner smelled so good, like chocolate. I wished they were edible. After shampoo, I was given a quick haircut framing my face with feathers and layers at the back. The hair was then blow-dried and styled and TA-DA, I was officially a red head now. The bright hues of red looked great. The colour suited my complexion. It took off few years from my face. The whole process was over in 2.5 hours. I am glad they didn’t go for hair lightening/bleaching etc. otherwise it would have taken longer. To get The Auburn Blend, it costs around Rs. 4.5K to 6K depending upon the condition of your hair and the amount of product used.

Meena, Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra

With Meena, my hair stylist at Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra

The only problem that I faced was the red stains on the scalp which go only after a couple of washes. Otherwise, I am happy with the styles offered in The Show Stopping Hair Collection of Lakme Absolute Salon. If you are planning a new look for the New Year, you can definitely go for one of these styles.

Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra, #hairisfashion, red hair colour, brown hair colour

From brown to red hair colour. My hair makeover

For more information contact Lakme Absolute Salon Bandra at 098190 06482.

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  1. Ur hair looking great after doing red color than the brown nw its looking shiny n red color is looking good on ur face to n ur looking cute

  2. Wow Parimita! You look gorgeous! The auburn blend suits you well! I am really apprehensive about coloring again since I’ve always tried coloring but without the application of bleach, the color does not show! 🙁
    And I really do not want to use a bleach and damage my hair. I can totally understand your confusion about coloring and your sleepless nights.. I go through it before every appointment at the parlor.

  3. Protibha Chakravorty

    I like the hairstyle a lot, it suits you well but i am a lil apprehensive about going for red streaks myself.

  4. You hair looks stunning. The auburn blend suits you really well! I have never experimented with hair colours. But after reading your post I think I should start doing so!

  5. Hi Parimita! I really like your makeover. Must say that you’re carrying the bold colour beautifully; it looks chic and funky at the same time. I love experimenting with my hair too and so, reading this blog was fun! 🙂

  6. How much does ombre cost in this salon ..i have hair a bit longer than yours ..pls tell me the price of ombre since i am planning it to do since months

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