Brunch with Femina Believe at Hakkasan Bandra

Femina Believe, a learning academy that conducts workshops in make-up, personality development, communication skills, body language and dining etiquette invited Mumbaigloss to be part of their dining etiquette workshop a week ago. Being a regular to five course meals, I wondered what new I would learn. I am not too comfortable with chopsticks and the oriental way of eating so I thought why not take up this opportunity. Moreover, it was coming from a brand which is associated with progressive and modern Indian women. Femina has groomed beauty queens who represent India at international forums. So, I readily agreed to get a few good dining tips from Femina Believe. They conduct short one day classes at Mumbai, Pune and Delhi which can be beneficial for students, working women, stay-at-home moms and anybody who wants to polish their skills.

Femina Believe

Photo op

Image consultant, Greeshma Thampi and Femina Believe team joined a group of 30 bloggers across the city to acquaint us with basic dining etiquette and make us use chopsticks to eat the Cantonese dimsums served at Hakkasan in Bandra. It was a fun and informative session. She made us aware of the rules while laying the plates and cutlery as well as how to fold the napkin.

BMW = Bread plate on the left, Meal plate in the centre, Water on the right.

Art of fine dining

She gave us cues on what to say to a host before starting a meal. In the oriental dining, it is considered rude to polish off everything on your plate.  If you leave a little food on your plate, then the host feels satisfied that you were fed enough food and you aren’t hungry. Damn! This is news to me. And I thought, eating everything on my plate was necessary to make the host feel happy. There are many such tidbits which were shared during the session. I was blown away with the difference in dining cultures in the oriental set-up. Later, Greeshma taught us to use the chopsticks. And it was somehow managed by my novice hands. 

Carrot cakes, Hakkasan

There was a contest of picking peanuts with chopsticks where I miserably failed. And I realised, I had a lot to learn when it came to participating or hosting a seven course meal. We also had a Twitter contest amongst us. We also received Femina Believe merchandise and a fun photo at the photobooth with interesting props. Hakkasan fed us some amazing food that day. The dimsum platter was colourful and bursting with flavours both in the veg and non-veg section. We all got an opportunity to sharpen our chopstick prowess on them. Carrot cakes, yellow rice, chicken and fish preparations just made us go into a food coma. Why do you always do this to me Hakkasan? The food is delicious!

dimsums, dumplings, momos

Greeshma is a poised and beautiful trainer but it would have been great if she had a lapel mic on her while giving the presentation. She was inaudible to all and had to repeat many things for the benefit of us bloggers. Though, she never frowned or snapped but it would have saved her a lot of energy. I really liked the way she patiently took our questions and answered them one by one. She definitely knows her subject and is ready to customise it as per her audience. Over all, the experience was very good during the workshop.

yellow rice, Hakkasan, Bandra, Femina Believe

I enjoyed my time spent at the #BrunchWithFeminaBelieve and I look forward to more such informative and interesting events from them.

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