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Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Do you love Sheldon? Would you like to bring him home? If the answer is yes, then peeps here is your chance to order one for yourself. Yes, you can certainly order a miniature of Sheldon (action figure/ collectibles) who will stay in your room and make you laugh with his silly looks all day long. Not only Sheldon, you can also order Penny, Howard, Leonard and Raj., Big Bang Theory mini wobbler

Big Bang Theory mini wobbler set from

I know many of you will say that those toys are only available in the US. Well, in India the very same toys are available through and that too at a competitive price. I recently visited the website and realized that they have listed a lot of products which are yet to arrive in India like the Moto-G mobile phone, or Nexus 5, etc. But I was instantly drawn towards their collectibles segment and discovered many cute figurines which can be a great gift for your loved ones. More so, when they are priced less than the US prices.


The collectibles include Wolverine bobble head, Minion figures from the movie Despicable Me, Yoda Bobble head, Big Bang Theory wobbler set, Albert Einstein wobbler, Calico Critters Fisher cat family and much more. I found them very cute. These can be presented to a child as well as an adult to satisfy their inner child. Isn’t it great? The price ranges from Rs 2000 – Rs 3500. I found this gift idea rather unique. What say?, Calico Critters Cat Family

Calico Critters Cat Family from

So, if you like to shop in the US, may be you can save yourself the airfare. Now that most of those products can be ordered, rather the same stuff can be delivered right at your doorstep without paying the extra transit and custom charges through

I am getting one Minion Wobbler for my desk and a Wolverine for my action junkie younger brother. What are you ordering today?, Wolverine mini wobbler

Wolverine figurine by

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