The Club Mumbai Antara Spa review

The Club, Antara Spa Mumbai review

Mumbaigloss was invited for a spa session at Antara Spa in The Club, Andheri West. The Club is a member’s only recreational club which provides facilities like swimming pool, a well-equipped gym and spa. Who doesn’t like a relaxing and… Continue reading

What do you do for a living? – “I work as a mermaid.” – Zara Hatke profession

melissa mermaid, professional mermaid

We have heard about mermaids only in children stories and comic books. But there are people who have made a profession being a ‘mermaid’ or a ‘merman’. They perform at events, parties and gatherings showing there swimming skills with sartorial… Continue reading

You can optimise space in a small apartment with these tips

modern sofa design

This post is in association with for #JustAClickAway campaign. Everyone has a dream house. Some are able to buy a massive property and others resort to making the best use of the available space. Each individual strives to create… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day: Bollywood mums show the changing face of Indian mothers

Ma! Aai! Maiyya! Mumma! Call her with any of the above or just whisper ‘Ooii Mummy’ whenever you are in trouble but there is no denying that the love of a mother is the biggest support. Mothers are omnipresent and… Continue reading

Perizad Zorabian, Paresh Rawal and Mumbai Police Commissioner expected to come for ‘Alibaba’

Alibaba play hindi ncpa

“Khul ja sim sim” – those magical words which made Alibaba get rich overnight is a popular story known since generations. The mystery of the magical den, the ruthless bunch of 40 thieves, the greediness of Kasim and the bravery… Continue reading