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Mumbaigloss was invited for a food tasting at a new branch of ‘And Chilies’ in Mahim last week. And Chilies Worli has been operational since 2011 and the managing team decided to extend its operations in the Mahim area where there are not many choices in this category. It is conveniently located in the opposite lane of Dargah. Or you can say the same lane as the Cannosa High School. Valet is available so parking is not a problem.

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It is a double storey restaurant which can accommodate around 60 people easily. The ground floor has a bar counter and the stairs lead you to another seating area on the first floor. The seats next to the window on the upper floor have been given a low seating arrangement which was not very comfortable for me. So if you are being seated in the upper floor, try to get regular seats. The staff is warm and eager to serve.

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I met Vaishnavi Nalawade, one of the three sibling owners who are running the show in both the branches. After a brief stint at the hospitality back ground, she decided to open her own ‘Pan-Asian’ Restaurant. Her grandfather had started with Shree Dutta Bhuvan, a small eatery at Worli 60 years back which was later developed into ‘And Chilies’. She told me that she has worked with the best of chefs and learnt a lot about the food technology. She is trying to bring forward the family tradition of serving people with good food and great hospitality. God speed Vaishnavi! I wish that your restaurant grows and thrives.

Strawberry basil rum drink, cocktail strawberry

I started my evening with a drink. I ordered for Strawberry Basil Fizz which is a mixture of white rum with fresh basil and strawberry topped with lemonade. I found that the drink lacked punch. The drink lacked cohesion of flavors. I think they need to improve on this. I was served with starters along with the drink. I ordered for a Spicy Crab Meat Soup and Jioza (steamed chicken dumplings). The soup was comforting. There was generous amount of crab meat. Though it wasn’t spicy but was certainly flavorful. The steamed dumplings were rather unique. Soft steamed shell contained minced chicken meat and crunchy water chestnuts which gave it a very unique taste. I tried it with their smoked sauce with sesame seeds. The woody sweetness of the sauce perfectly complimented the mild crunchiness of the dumpling. I also tried their hot-selling Burnt Basil Chilly which is a Thai style wok tossed chicken pieces with diced basil, onion and chilies. It looked great but the taste was something very similar to Chilly Chicken.

And chilies mahim

For the mains I ordered for Vietnamese Hot garlic sauce with lemongrass and sriracha with prawns, Bangkok Fried Rice with fresh basil and Thai herbs, Chilli Garlic Rice and Vietnamese style rice. The Vietnamese Hot garlic sauce was flavorful. I could taste Sriracha but lemongrass was almost non-existent. May be they didn’t want to overpower the dish with several strong flavors. The seasoning (salt) could have been a little less. Otherwise it was a good accompaniment with the fried rice. The Bangkok style fried rice with fresh basil had a distinct flavor and I found it pretty delicious. The Chili Garlic rice had the punch and it looked great. The Vietnamese style rice was ok. May be I will give it a pass next time, given that I can order basil flavored Bangkok Fried Rice.

And chilies mahim, basil fried rice, chinese food mahim

No meal is complete without desserts. At And Chilies, I found pretty unique Far East desserts like Tub Tim Krob, a popular Thai sweet dish made with red water chestnuts in coconut milk. The coconut milk consistency had become watery due to ice that they had put to cool the liquid. But otherwise it was a delicious affair (only if you like coconut). Fresh pieces of tender coconut and red water chestnuts gave this dish its texture and flavor. The coconut milk didn’t have any sweetness which made this a mild dessert. The taste was pretty fresh as water chestnuts were coated with some sweet lacquer like stuff which gave the dish its sweetness. It should go well on a hot afternoon. There was another dessert with pan fried pancakes drizzled with honey and sesame seeds, served with vanilla ice cream. It fell flat as compared to the previous dessert and I would suggest that you avoid it.

Tub Tim Krob, And chilies

Tub Tim Krob

Vaishnavi told me that the dishes are priced moderately as compared to other high-end restaurants and five stars. Though, I cannot comment as I didn’t see the actual price list myself. But one thing is for sure that And Chilies is trying to serve different cuisine (pan-Asian) in an area (Mahim) where majority of the eating joints are serving Mughai, Indian and Lebanese cuisine. This should be a fresh change for the people living in this area. You can also choose to try Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean dishes at this restaurant. They claim that they can serve Jain –style preparation of Asian cuisine. What is that? I can’t imagine Chinese food without garlic, spring onion, etc. I am sure they have figured out a technique without affecting the taste of that dish.

dimsum, And chilies mahim

Will I go there again? May be, to try other dishes and know there exact pricing. It left me with a very mixed feeling. But let me focus on their positives and try their other delicacies anonymously. Will keep you guys posted. But Mahim people should certainly explore this joint in their vicinity if they don’t want to travel all the way to Bandra to eat pan-Asian food.

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