How to choose a cocktail ring

Anmol Jewellers, ruby diamond emerald ring

Ring by Anmol Jewellers

Cocktail rings are large, lavish and dramatic. They are a style statement and are very much in vogue. Not only diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are used to produce beautiful designs, even semi-precious stones like amethyst, jade, pearls and a lot many other gems are being used to create colorful patterns. The designs can range from classic to edgy. The idea is to garner maximum attention to your hands.

Anmol Jewellers

Blossom collection ring by Anmol Jewellers

The cocktail rings originated in America during the prohibition era; when drinking in public were illegal. Those who wanted to show their rebellion wore a large ring to signify that they were breaking the rules. Initially, it was meant to be costume jewelry but later it was manufactured in the main stream expensive jewelry segment as well. These days it’s a fashion statement and is popular with A-listers, especially in parties and soirees. Super-rich are wearing engagement rings which can easily pass-off as cocktail rings.

Mahesh Notandas ring

Ring by Mahesh Notandas

But how do you choose a perfect cocktail ring? Choose stones as per your skin tone. People with warm skin tone should opt for green to yellow gems. People with cool skin tone should go for red to blue gems. And people with neutral skin tone should go for pale greens, pale blues, pinks, etc. Go for exclusive and edgy designs with multiple colors and textures. Go for floral, Victorian designs, multiple gem clusters or opt for a center large stone/gem with intricate details at the borders. Stones more than 3 carats should be good.  If you are on a budget, use synthetic or simulated gemstones. Try and order from online stores for maximum cost benefit.

Ring by Anmol Jewellers

Ring by Anmol Jewellers

Just remember if you wear an oversized ring, go minimal on the other jewelry. The rule is one statement jewelry at a time. Slender and shapely fingers should opt for delicate and smaller designs in rings. Do not wear too many rings at one go. One piece other than your engagement band is more than enough. Thick and short fingers can opt for longer designs. This helps to elongate your fingers. Cocktail rings should be worn only in cocktail parties or dinner. Don’t wear them during the day.

Ring Mahesh Notandas

Ring by Mahesh Notandas

So what are you waiting for? Go and put your best finger forward with a perfect cocktail ring adorning it.

Image via Anmol Jewellers and Mahesh Notandas jewellery. Featured ‘Blossom’ by Anmol Jewellers, floral ring. The Blossom collection has been beautifully handcrafted in 18 K gold and adorned with vivid hues of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and diamonds with a generous play of colorful enameling. Ring from Mélange of colors this Holi collection by Mahesh Notandas which has colorful gems in traditional patterns. 

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