Club Alibii New Year party was sheer disappointment

Mumbai night-life is very attractive. The fashion and finance capital of India, boasts of having some of the best party places in town. And one such glamorous club, frequented by celebs, tucked in the posh localities of Colaba is Club Alibii. It has also received the ‘Best Nightclub Award’ by Times Food Award and we were convinced that it had to be Alibii for New Year’s Eve. The glass and light ceiling looked very attractive in the pictures. We had read a lot of good reviews about the place and therefore booked two couple tickets for the New Year party called ‘Glitz & Glamour’ for December 31, 2014. We were charged Rs. 5500 per couple (early bird entry). MeraEvents, AllEvents and several listing sights detailed the New Year eve’s programme for the club. Here are the screen shot for you all to read.


Highlights of the event listed were as follows:

  • Unlimited starters and liquor (premium)
  • Belly Dancers
  • Bollywood Dance performance
  • Special Flaring performance by the bartenders
  • Various props
  • Percussionist

DJ, Bollywood, Alibii, Colaba

But what we got:

  • Unlimited starters and liquor (premium): We had to beg for a glass of beer or wine (no idea about the brand as we could hardly see what was being poured in our glasses), people were fighting for drinks, the beer was warm, no food was served on the floor. Only one counter was reserved to serve food and drinks and that had a Tsunami of wasted people who were ready to cut you open if the chicken tikka was served to you instead of them. Really, I didn’t pay for this shit!
  • Belly Dancers:  We didn’t find any. What we found were pot belly dancers (read unfit, with beer belly, etc.) trying to dance in a place where a size zero beauty would gape for some space. There was no performance as such or maybe they would have wound up immediately after the party started.
  • Bollywood Dance performance:  Where? Whaaaat? Sorry there was no dance performance or they would have wound up immediately after 9:30 pm when the party started.
  • Special Flaring performance by the bartenders: Bartenders were seen flaring their nostrils whenever I asked for food or drink. They didn’t have drinks or food and were not sure how to manage the crowd. But the flaring performance? What performance? I didn’t see any.
  • Various props: Like whaat? Whaat props? Only Redbull glasses. No props. No, none, whatsoever!
  • Percussionist: Apart from in-house DJs, didn’t see any other musician. Or maybe he/she might have fled seeing the sorry state of affairs at Club Alibii.

I am not saying that all the other clubs in the city would have been without any glitches. I have been to several clubs in various cities. But I have never seen such an unorganized party.  I found this event to be highly mismanaged. The club was over booked. It took us almost an hour just to get inside. The floor was wet with spilt drinks and it was very difficult to walk, leave aside dance. There was no housekeeping to manage the situation. Stags were allowed in abundance without any checks. They were all over the place pushing and pulling each other and creating a mess. Greed took over the management for sure otherwise no club can afford to have so many single men and that too at an event like New Year’s Eve party. I was praying that no fight should break out in the premises or there won’t be any place to flee. The toilets were already full with wasted men and women and there were only two doors (entry and exit points) to the club.

Club, Mumbai, Alibii, Colaba

The bouncers were not managing the unruly crowd but shoving off the ladies by pushing them from the stairs of the seating area. Initially there were no barriers so people who wanted a break from the grind were standing on the stairs of the seating podiums.  Hello! Women go to clubs to have a good time and not to get intimidated by beastly men. Keep your muscle power to manage unsocial elements and not push around women.  The AC in the club was not optimum. We were sweating like pigs even without moving a finger. Heat of the moment was certainly not the cause for our sweaty condition. 

Parimita Chakravorty, Alibii, Colaba

We got in to the club a little before 12 and moved out by 1:30 am. We couldn’t take it anymore. Hungry, we went to Taj Hotel to grab a bite of sandwich. What a cruel start of 2015! Thanks to Club Alibii, my New Year ’s Eve was completely ruined. We felt absolutely embarrassed in front of our friends who had joined us to see Mumbai night life. I am very disappointed with the way things turned out even after spending a bomb.

alibii, colaba,

Will I ever go there again? Never to Club Alibii! If you want a decent New Year’s party, please don’t book with them. If you want to see a lot of sleaze, filthy floors and dullards then you might take a chance. Do eat well before you go there. Chances are you will not get to eat or drink at all at the party. It was a pure waste of money for us.

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