Day trip to Lake Como from Milan – Bellagio & Varenna

Milan, the fashion capital of Italy was always on my bucket list. Many tourists complain that there is not much to see in and around the city. But I would like to prove them wrong. Apart from the ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci, there are many interesting things to explore in Milan. But the highlight of the trip was our visit to a small town called Bellagio on Lake Como which is an hour away from Milan. I travelled with my 5-year old daughter on a bright summer day to Varrena in a train and then to Bellagio in a ferry. This trip will be listed as one of the best mother-daughter travel stories in my book of memories.

Let’s start from the very beginning. We booked our air tickets from Mumbai to Milan with Etihad Airways. The flight was via Abu Dhabi and was very comfortable. We reached Milan after almost 14 hours with a stopover at Abu Dhabi. Milan airport is far from the city. It took us another hour to reach central Milan. We stayed at hotel Michelangelo which is just outside the biggest train station in Milan, called Milan Centrale. Connecting trains to other cities and underground Metro was easily accessible. Booking tickets from self-service counters is rather easy. But I had already booked my tickets online  to reach Varenna. The return trip for both of us cost me 21 euros. Of course, my daughter got discount being a 5-year old. It took us an hour to reach Varenna from Milan. The station’s name is Varrena Esino, if you are planning to buy tickets yourself. Varrena and Bellagio are the most beautiful towns on Lake Como. If you are in Milan, you should definitely visit these.

San Giacomo church Bellagio, Bellagio Italy,

Stairway leading to San Giacomo church

The small station at Varenna has just two lines. So you can pretty much imagine the untouched raw beauty of this town. If you like trekking, then you can walk up the hill from the station through pedestrian pathways. There are small pathways created for pedestrians to go up the hill top or the square near Church of San Giorgio. The Church of San Giorgio was built over a temple, therefore, it has a lot of historical value. Though I would advise to take a cab from the station to reach the top, if you are not used to walking uphill. It can be very exhausting. It is only a 10 minutes ride. But don’t miss it as you will get some of the best views of Lake Como from the top. You can also visit Castello di Vezio if you have more time.

Trip to Bellagio from Milan

Bellagio restaurant by the lake side

We were on a day trip and had a tight schedule. I was keener to explore Bellagio which was on the other side of the bank. Bellagio is also called the Pearl of Lake Como as it is the most beautiful town in that region. The ferry leaves every 15 to 20 minutes from Varenna to Bellagio and you can purchase tickets at the counter right on the bank. It is a 15 minutes ride. If you wish to look at the ferry schedule to plan your visit better then go to this link.  You can also call them on 0039031579211 for more details. We took a ferry from the Varenna bank which is a walking distance from the train station.

Varenna Esino, How to travel from Milan to Bellagio Italy

Varrena from the ferry

My daughter was thrilled during the ferry ride. I suggest you to keep your cameras ready as the ferry leaves the bank. You will get beautiful views of the Varenna town while leaving the bank. Colorful houses dot the hilly town. Tall trees waving you goodbye. The mammoth hill at the background makes you wonder if it is the end of the world. During the ferry ride, the imagination runs wild as you witness blue waters splashing against the ferry making a beautiful sound. The breeze is cool and strong. We reached Bellagio in no time. At the very first sight, I fell in love with the town.

Bellagio Italy, day trip to Bellagio from Milan, Travel to Lake Como from Milan

Bellagio has life. You see happy tourists lazing around the lake side restaurants eating and drinking the finest Italian food and wine. Gelato shops are thronged by people looking for a sweet treat and respite from heat. We went up the stairs to reach the San Giacomo church square. The stairs are full of shops from where you can buy local goods like pasta, bruschetta toppings, lemoncello, glass figurines, lace, woven mats, leather articles, jewelry, etc. Also, walked along the lake side promenade which offers some amazing views of the town as well as the lake. Garden Di Villa Melzi is a must visit if you love greenery and landscaping. There is a fee to enter the garden but it is worth every penny. It is free for the kids. The day just went by so quickly. Though the summer heat did make us a little uncomfortable but overall it was fun and a wonderful experience.

Bellagio Italy Garden

Gardeni Villa Melzi

We tried pasta and gelato and it was so fulfilling to the foodie in me. The best part was my daughter walked for almost 20 km with me throughout the day, without complaining! What else could I ask for?

Bellagio Day trip from Milan, How to reach Lake Como from Milan

Happy us, with huge gelato

Did you like my post? Have you visited Lake Como? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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