Diary entry: A day at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014

Makeup check! Hair check! Shoes check! Dress, oh the itsy-bitsy on my body? Yes, its designer. Am I missing something else? Of course, the bling, the bag and the wayfarers. I am fully loaded with accessories. But will that be enough to attract the fashion paparazzi who feature you in the most stylish list? I asked. So I dab on some more gloss and say ‘move it you pretty thing’. I reached the venue before time. The hotel was tall and slim like a supermodel. The crowd to see the fashion show choked the entry and exit points. Ouch! Don’t step on my shoes. They are designer. I thought. Worst, I might lose balance and fall from my 6 inch tall tower. Finally, the elevator stopped. People inside hopped out as if they were in some closed inferno. They pushed everyone on their way out. People who intended to go to the higher floors pushed inside like a swarm of honey bees. 

Stuffed in the elevator we all proceeded to the 9th floor. I came out of the packed elevator and rushed to the nearest ‘Toilet’. No, it was not anything else but the panic – that the momentary journey in the elevator might have caused a catastrophic effect on my hours of makeup. But there was no respite; the toilet was full of fashionistas, guests and models. Models, who were breathing heavy and looking lost before the start of the show. They didn’t care how many were sharing the space with them at that moment. Because, they were in their moment and they wanted to devour it alone. 

The fashionistas – most of them were guests trying to look their best, swarmed the area. A girl had put a big flower on her head; the plastic flower that you usually see on a six year old. It was her style statement. Another one wore black goggles inside the toilet room. I am sure the harsh lights in the 5 star toilet were hurting her eyes. And finally, I saw a young girl flashing her bra through a net fabric attached to her flappy crop top. She declared, “I am sure the photographers will take notice and put me on the wall of the most stylish people attending this fashion week”. Her friend joked, “May be if you take off that bra, they might still consider.” The first one fumed. She hissed in anger, “You don’t even try. You have anyway crossed 30, you aunty!” “What do you mean?” her friend roared. “Don’t you know, only oldies like Bandana T and Nandini B are included on that wall. Rest are only young chicks.” Ha ha ha….and the group burst into laughter. Everyone was busy taking an outfit “Picoftheday” on the toilet wall mirror. Few were busy tweeting and checking-in on FB showing off to the world that they were indeed attending Lakme Fashion Week. (Tip: If you want to witness the real action in a fashion show, then do visit the hotel loo.) 

I checked my makeup which was little smudged due to all the pushing around but I thought still, ‘better off than nothing’. And I moved on. May be it’s the struggle in the elevator or the humidity in the air, I felt extremely thirsty as I saw Himalayan counter serving free mocktails with their soda water. I gulped down a few before moving towards the show area. I saw two small time celeb wives carefully entering the lobby area. They didn’t see me in the eye but were carefully scrutinizing the vicinity for any paparrazi. No body hounded them, walked up to them or asked them for a photo or autograph. I saw immense sadness in their eyes. 

I met a few fellow bloggers. They all looked so different than their highly photoshopped images on their social media sites. A few recognised me too but looked away. May be I looked different than my pictures too. One of them smiled and I went to meet her. I extended my hand to greet her without realising that a man was trying to greet that blogger at the same time. A tiny man who wore his coif in fringe. A little effeminate, he felt offended as my hand reached the other blogger first. I wish to send my apologies to him. If he considers me a lady (among the two of us) then he should allow a lady to be first, in any such social courtesies. I left the scene immediately, lest if he started with a catfight?

On my way, I saw Social Media wall where live tweets were being displayed, I saw a runway simulator. Yes, the fashion runway simulator which was equipped with flashes like the ones you get when hounded by paparazzi. It was not recommended for people who experience seizures. 

Lakme Gloss Wall, Lakme Fashion Week, Winter Festive

I saw a huge line and thought that the entry to the main show area had started. But it led me to the Lakme Absolute counter which was providing free manicures to the guests. People were busy taking “Nailfie”. Unfortunately, the 3G network was not available in the hallway, so a few fashionistas were seen moving around trying to catch the network with phones sticking out in their hands. I felt very sorry for them as they were being deprived of their right to update the world about their “Nailfie” in real-time. 

Lakme Absolute, Lakme Fashion Week 2014

The “Wall of the most stylish people” attending the show was just next to the Lakme counter. People were busy casting their vote to the displayed style divas and divos. (What do you call a male diva? Is there a word for that?) They were busy putting stickers on their favourite stylish girl or guy. So, I moved to see the action there. A young woman took an entire leaf of the stickers and started categorically putting them on the faces of the stylish divas and on the crotches of the stylish divos. And, that’s when I realized that people don’t always show love on that wall with the stickers. At times it is contempt too! 

Most stylish in Lakme Fashion Week

The girl with the flappy crop top was walking up and down the area where the photographers were sitting. She smiled and winked and pouted but the photographers were least bothered. Finally she flashed her twins to the paparazzi and they turned their face away. Oh what a blow to her self-esteem! I hope she is not haunted by this for the rest of her life. No, paparazzi didn’t come to me either; they were busy with the real celebs in the media area. Finally, I went inside the main show area and settled down in my allotted seat. The lights dimmed, music started and the show began to roll. The show was great but pre-show action was even better.   

Rahul Mishra, Lakme Fashion Week, Winter/Festive 2014

Do share your experience at Lakme fashion week. It will be fun.

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