Dimsum wars: Mamagoto Ghatkopar v/s Ping Pong BKC, Auriga Mahalakshmi Dimsum festival starts on 10th Dec

Last week I happen to visit 2 pan Asian restaurants. One is an upcoming Indian brand Mamagoto, in R-City mall, Ghatkopar and the other is an established international brand Ping Pong in First International Financial Centre in BKC.  I had visited Ping Pong while in London and loved their dimsums. The dumpling in between soft and thin sheets of flour, perfectly cooked and steaming hot on a cold London evening had left a strong impression in my memory and I decided to try Ping Pong right here in BKC.

Ping Pong BKC

Ping Pong BKC

Ping Pong is located right on the main road so finding it was not a problem at all. But I was a bit confused about parking my car. There is no dedicated parking. We went inside the restaurant and were impressed by its décor and interiors. The dark wooden ambience with tasteful lighting gives the ambience a posh look. Though, I found that seating was not comfortable given that it’s a fine dining restaurant. We ordered for some seafood dumpling, prawn and crab meat dumpling and scallop and shitake dumpling along with cocktail made with lemongrass. The order was taken over a menu sheet which lists all their dishes. We were asked to mark our order with a pencil. They have limited light food items on their menu and I felt that they could have added more variety. The staff is prompt and served the food quickly.

Dimsum at Pingpong

Dimsum at Pingpong

They serve dumplings with two chili dips which were an instant hit. The hot dimsums arrived and they packed the same punch that I had experienced in their London joint.  The mix inside the dumplings was soft and juicy. We loved the food, but the portion size was too small (3 dumplings per basket) in comparison to other restaurants. The price of each basket ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 375. The food was not enough so we had to repeat our order. With taxes, the bill amount came to nearly Rs 3200. Of course, it included the price of a cocktail and a beer. For dimsums and drink for two, we shelled out quite a lot of money and would, therefore say that the restaurant is expensive. Will I visit Ping Pong again? Only on those days when I am not very hungry!

Plus: The food, Ambience, location.  Minus: the price, variety in menu.

On another occasion, we went to R City mall in Ghatkopar and tried Mamagoto which is located on the 3rd floor in the new wing. Mamagoto is located in one corner so if you blink, you might miss it. The ambience is interestingly oriental where you have crouching tigers, cutesy pandas, bicycle wheels and other Chinese motifs. I found the ambience to be bright and interesting.Mamagoto in R City mall

Mamagoto in R City mall
Dimsum at Mamagoto

Dimsum at Mamagoto

They were running an offer where a chicken dumpling basket (with 6 pieces) was being offered at Rs 199. Of course, we had to try it. The service was prompt. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t up to our expectations. The dumpling mix was stiffened. I had to cut it into bite size pieces with a knife and fork. The dumpling mix was grainy to taste.The dumpling sheet was thick. It disintegrated from the dumpling mix the minute I tried to shift it to my plate. The taste, the texture, the sweet whiff of the dumpling was completely missing. Will I revisit Mamagoto again? Definitely, not for dumplings!

Plus: Inexpensive, good ambience. Minus: The food.

* Auriga, Located in Mumbai’s chic Famous Studio Lane at Mahalaxmi is introducing a unique Tea and Dim Sum Pairing Festival starting 10th December 2013 to 10th January 2014. The vegetarian dimsum menu starts at Rs.400/-  while the non-vegetarian dimsum menu starts at Rs.500/- which includes a pot of the signature green tea.

Signature Teas

  1. Dolce vita – green tea infused with south african rooibos and caramel
  2. Blue jade – green tea infused with blueberry and hibiscus, a fruity antioxidant
  3. La vie en rose – green tea infused with rose petal, a divine blend
  4. Auriga blend – green tea infused with chrysanthemum and lychee, a true connoisseur’s brew
  5. Traditional Jasmine

I am going to try Auriga dimsum festival. Are you game for another round of dimsum wars?

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