What does Durga Puja mean to a Bengali?

Durga puja is celebrated massively in Kolkata. This 4-5 day long fiesta includes a lot of food, fun, shopping and rituals. In Kolkata, this is as big as the Ganpati festival in Maharashtra, or may be bigger. Today is Shashti, which marks the beginning of this festival. Therefore, Mumbaigloss decided to put together why this festival is priceless for a Bengali. These 10 points will summarise it for you:

1. Wake up to Mahalaya and participate in every anjali (prayers offered everyday during Durga puja).


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2. Shop till you drop. 


3. Wear the best of the clothes. Bring out the gorgeous sarees and look your ethnic best. Especially, the lal paad (red border) and the Dhakais which mark the festivity.


4. Eat to your heart’s content.  Be it fish fry, phuchkas or roshogollas, everyone stops counting calories this time of the year.


5. Do pandal hopping. Marvel at the creativity of each pandal. Take epic group pics and major selfies with Durga pratima at the backdrop.


6. Groove at the dhak beats.


7. Line up to see celebrities in pujas.


8. Check out the bong babes and dudes at the puja pandals. After all, it’s the best time to date/propose. You never know you might find your soul mate.


9. Enjoy the outdoors. Weather is better, if not best.


10. But most importantly have loads of fun. From eating out to watching movies to visiting friends and relatives. This package includes everything. And if long weekend permits, then a short trip to a nearby beach resort like Digha is also planned during Durga pujas.

To see the beauty of Kolkata during Durga puja, do watch this video.


Did I miss anything? Do leave a comment below. Anyway, wish you all a happy Durga puja.

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