European Restaurant Week at Smoke House Deli BKC

Mumbaigloss was invited to taste the special menu for European Restaurant Week in Smoke House Deli BKC this Saturday. To promote authentic European cuisine and local produce, European Union has come up with European Restaurant Week in Mumbai between September 6th to 12th where selected restaurants are participating and offering mouthwatering 3 course dining options at Rs. 1500. (No alcohol, food only. Taxes extra.) Few bloggers were invited to taste the menu to kickstart this festival and I was one of the lucky few. Smoke House Deli is already popular in my circle. Whenever we crave for continental fare, we land up in Smoke House Deli. It scores not only in food but also in presentation and ambience. I love their décor, which is retro chic. It looks like a sketch of an Old time café on neat white walls. Vintage accessories like old telephones, typewriters, tableware, etc. deck up the interiors. It immediately gives the restaurant a very European feel. Eating at Smoke House Deli is not just a gastronomical delight but a treat to all your senses. Though, BKC restaurant is relatively smaller but it is at par with its brand’s repute of offering excellent fine dining experience.

European Restaurant Week, Smoke House Deli

We spoke to Chef Rollin Lasrato of Smoke House Deli to know what did he plan for the European Restaurant Week? He said, “We wanted to present best of what we do here, therefore we have used local as well as imported ingredients to design this menu. For example, Salmon has been imported from Norway, Rasberry in mousse and sauce is imported as well. Various cheeses like Mascarpone and creams have been imported too to get the authentic taste. Tomato from Europe are more acidic in nature therefore, they are perfect when cooked with pasta; whereas, we have used local tomatoes in the soups. Smoke House Deli has tried to cater to the tastes of various clients by balancing the local with the imported ingredients.”

Chef Lasrato also told us that BKC centre gets a good mix of both local and expat clients as many embassies and international schools are in the vicinity. Therefore, he ensures that the staff is proactive enough to ask for their individual preferences before taking the order. I am happy that Chef at Smoke House Deli is taking extra efforts to customize the dishes as per individual taste to get customers maximum satisfaction out of their dining experience.

Here is the glimpse of the menu for European Restaurant Week:

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli
What did we order?

Italian Red Wine + white wine

Course 1: Starters
Smoked carrot, ginger vichyssoise with smoked prawns – a creamy broth made from orange carrot puree with a hint of ginger and a handful of soft fleshy prawns. It was filling and comforting.

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli

Iced chicken liver pate with apple – Crunchy bread topped with cold chicken liver pate garnished with apple and Cilantro leaves

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli

Course 2: Mains
Grilled Salmon with broccoli and spinach – healthy and hearty

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli

Sauteed tenderloin strips with shitake mushrooms herbed mash and sour cream –a bowlful!

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli

Course 3: Desserts
Pannacotta – classic, garnished with Raspberry sauce and Chia seeds

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli

Raspberry Oreo mousse cake – visual delight served with chocolate and raspberry sauce

European Restaurant Week,  Smoke House Deli

Review: Let’s start with what we didn’t like. Sauteed tenderloin strips with shitake mushrooms herbed mash and sour cream portion size was good but too much of fat made it unpalatable. The sour cream and mushroom puree sauce was overpowering the dish. We were expecting tenderloin strips with a dressing of sauce and may be herbed mash on the side. The presentation would have made it look much more appealing. May be this is how authentic dish is served but it didn’t go too well with us. And what we loved?

Everything else. The smoked carrot, ginger vichyssoise with smoked prawns was so comforting. Perfect for a rainy day or cold evening. Crunchy iced chicken liver pate with apple was fun. The sweetness of apple and the zing in Cilantro leaf perfectly balanced the pasty taste of liver pate and the bread base. The presentation was also attractive. Grilled Salmon with broccoli and spinach was perfect. Salmon is a sea fish and few may find it too salty for their taste. To balance that, you can use a dash of lime. Both the desserts were good and the presentation was excellent. Though, I found the raspberry mousse a little less creamy for my taste and the Oreo base a little too hard for my spoon. Still, it was pretty satisfying.

If you enjoy continental food like us then you must visit Smoke House Deli BKC during European Restaurant Week for some European food fix. Book your tables now at 022 2653 0762.

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