Exclusive gems for your Valentine – your guide to buy the best jewellery

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. If you are planning to buy your love an expensive item, like a piece of jewellery that they can wear and appreciate for ages then choose wisely. Here is a guide based on the Zodiac of your lady love that will help you understand her taste in the finer things of life. Invest in a piece that she will cherish forever.


Aries, jewellery

Aries are energetic. They love stimulation of both physical and intellectual in nature. They appreciate the bold and beautiful pieces. It should stand out from the crowd. They love to get compliments so choose a piece which is most likely to grab eyeballs. Like, this statement earring with a peacock motif. It has colourful beads of semi-precious stones and diamonds studded in yellow gold. This design is traditional with a modern twist and will certainly help her fish out some compliments.

Mirari earrings, Aries jewellery

Mirari chandlier

Taurus, jewellery

Taurus are stylish. They love laid back elegance. Something which has an old world charm and can be attributed to timeless classics. They are usually heavy built but like fine jewellery. So for your Taurus woman, the best would be a simple yet sturdy design. Like this Topaz floral statement ring with diamonds encircling the main design. Nothing beats a classic piece which can be worn over the years and passed on to the next generation.

Topaz jewellery, Taurus,



Gemini are fun. They love to talk and want their partners to listen. May be, she wants to talk about the jewellery that they bought and describe all its details. At times people find them bragging about their purchases but that is natural to them.  Understand your Gemini girl and get her jewellery which will get her talking about the stones used, the carats, the colour, how she will style it with her dress, etc. For example this Sapphire and diamond chandelier earrings. She can talk about the sapphire being the favourite with the royals and how it looks amazing with diamonds in such a delicate floral pattern.

Mirari chandelier

Mirari chandelier



Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer love familiarity. They always look for the trust factor. They would go for a good brand as they can trust it completely for genuineness and product quality. Don’t think of buying her jewellery from any store. Ask her preference and then only invest in any item. You might want to have jewellery certificates in place before giving her the ring or the necklace. She would definitely want to see if it comes from a trusted source. Her style is subdued and fine details catch her fancy. She finds delicate jewellery pretty interesting. For example this ruby and diamond dual heart shaped pendant. She will treasure it forever.

Minawala pendant

Minawala ruby and diamond pendant


Leo zodiac

Leo loves attention. She wants to be the centre of the universe. And it will be in your interest if you give her that feeling. The highly emotional Leo girl loves to feel special. She wants to be pampered and feel that she is the last woman on earth. She doesn’t want you to pick very big rocks but something which will make her feel special. Like, may be a customized (her) name engraved ring, or a heart shaped diamond or a motif close to her heart. You need to strike the right emotional chords with her to make the most on this Valentine’s Day.

Minawala double ring

Minawala double ring



Virgo zodiac

Virgo is the girly girl. She loves everything fancy and beautiful. She loves class and aristocracy. She doesn’t appreciate loudness in any form and that applies to her choice of jewellery too. Like these bird shaped chandelier earrings. Though, I must caution you that she doesn’t like anything boring. So be careful before buying jewellery for her.

Minawala jewellery



Libra, zodiac jewellery

Libra women are pragmatic. They will be equally concerned about the price of the jewellery as you will be. So ensure that you invest in a piece which makes your moolah worth spending. She likes to be treated like a princess but has a heart of a peasant. Simple and value for money. Does it ring a bell? For her the ideal jewellery will be something that she can wear on a daily basis. Like this heart shaped diamond pendant encrusted with diamonds on white gold. It is simple and she can remind herself of your love y wearing it every day.

Minawala libra jewellery


scorpio zodiac

Scorpio women are bright and they like to be appreciated for their wits and guts. They like honesty. But just make sure that while being honest, you are not brutally rude. They hate it if someone tries to rule down their suggestions and opinions and can become revengeful in the bargain. They like to lead. For a bright lady love, its best to get her something interesting. It should have a lot of dimensions, attributes and colours like this chandelier earring where you can see rubies, sapphires, diamonds, yellow gold as well as pearls. More the elements, better investment it becomes for them.

scorpio jewellery,

sagittarius, zodiac

Sagittarius woman is on the move always. She likes activities and likes to participate in various tasks. You will not find her sitting ideal. For an active woman like her try to get practical yet exclusive jewellery. Like this Emerald earring which is elegant as well as practical. She likes something which doesn’t interfere with her day-to-day activities.

Emerald earrings


Capricorn, zodiac

Capricorn women love effortless style. They are less experimental and love to have the conventional or the tried and tested. They like simplicity and will go for jewellery which goes with their earthy, down to earth persona. Like this simple pearl and diamond earring with a hint of colour. Simplicity is their style statement so choose accordingly.

Mirari jewellery

Mirari jewellery




Aquarius women need fluidity and sensual appeal. They are adventurous and like to experiment with everything, including jewellery. Give her chunky jewellery and she will use it till eternity. She loves to create a style statement. For example, this chunky gold cuff with pear shaped uncut diamond. The metal has been textured which makes it edgy and unconventional.

Jaipur Jewels

Jaipur Jewels


Pisces zodiac

Pisces women love drama. They are melancholic by nature and need to have positivity around them all the time to counterfeit the negativity.  They aren’t negative per se but love to get lots of support and acceptance from their partner. For them the ideal jewellery would be which has motifs like star, bows (representing how precious gifts they are), butterflies (how delicate they are), etc. The jewellery that you buy should make her feel important and wanted.

bow, earring

Mirari jewellery

What do you think about these recommendations? Do leave a comment below.

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