What do famous & rich miss in life? Preity Zinta sums it all for us

Recently, Preity-Ness mess made headlines everywhere. There was no dearth of mudslinging from both the sides. There was enough fodder for the tabloids as the case progressed against IPL Team Kings XI Punjab co-owners Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia. But is it what the famous bargain for their success? They have such transparent lives under continuous media scanner. Of course, being famous comes for a price. And that’s when Mumbaigloss dug up a past Twitter feed by Preity, which sums it all up. Preity Zinta Ness Wadia

Preity said she wanted to do movies for becoming ‘financially independent’ and treated acing like any other job. “As I became famous, I was required to forget who I am and become the image I portray. People changed around me even though I tried hard to be me. Every day, I try to fight my perfect image and cling to the real me. I am not even allowed to age or be sad or crib. I MUST smile all the time, be perfectly behaved, let anyone say or write anything about me even if it’s not true and be grateful that I’m famous.”

“I’ve few friends as most people only want to know me because I’m famous and not for what I am. I cannot have a pimple, put on weight or cover my face when photographers aim bright flashes at me in the dark and scare the hell out of me. Big crowds make me nervous and men grab me and touch me yet I cannot react because after all they are my fans! Agreed… But am I not a woman too? But there are perks to being famous – all that shopping!” Preity Zinta Ness Wadia Preity is known to speak out her mind without fear and this Twitter rant is nothing but the truth. Here is a list of things, that I feel that famous can’t do:

• Go shopping in the sale season. Of course, they have enough money to do retail therapy off shore but nothing beats shopping back home. Can they walk on the Colaba Causeway or Linking Road and haggle to get a good bargain? No! • Walk up to a roadside vendor to hog on chaat, pani-puri’s, bhel, etc. without being mobbed. • Go groceries shopping in their pyjamas. • Drive in to McDonalds/KFC counters while on a long drive. • Keep their car windows open to breathe in some fresh air. • Appear without makeup to watch the latest movie release. • Travel Mumbai Local/Mono Rail/Metro in off-peak hours and enjoy the ride. • Enjoy with friends in a theme park/water park. • Meet a friend over coffee in Barrista and chat for hours. • Visit a mandir/dargah/church/gurudwara/any other place of worship without security.

There are several other simple pleasures of life that they cannot enjoy. Everything comes for a price. And I feel that famous bargain their freedom. What is your take on it? Should the stars be given their space, after all they are human.

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