Farah Khan Ali, Prerna Makharia, Laksh Pahuja and Ishu Datwani talk on design, colors and latest jewellery trends during IIJS 2014

The seminar on ‘Exotic World of Design, Colours & Trends’ in IIJS 2014 saw eminent jewellery designers Farah Khan Ali, Prerna Makharia, Laksh Pahuja  and Ishu Datwani of Anmol Jewellers talk on creativity, originality and on how to enhance the beauty of jewellery by using coloured gemstones. The seminar was moderated by jewellery designer Gunjan Suri. When asked about the journey of a jewellery piece from the stage of conception, to reality, couture jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali said, “Converting inanimate thoughts into an exquisite piece of jewellery is a long journey and requires deep involvement with karigars on the work bench.”  Laksh Pahuja said, “I engage in research and make hard wax models in silver before passing it onto my craftsmen to make one-off pieces.” Ishu Datwani said, ” Design is just not the look of the piece. It involves important elements like flexibility, detailing, and weight which needs to be integrated to create an excellent piece.” Prerna Makharia Kumar, design developer for Tara Jewellers said, “A designer needs to be very clear in his/her head about what should be the outcome, or else the piece could go awry.”  Farah Khan Ali also mentioned that “Colour gives personality to a design.” The seminar was pretty insightful to the upcoming designers.

Farah Khan Ali, Gunjan Suri, Prerna Makharia, Ishu Datwani

Gunjan Suri, Farah Khan Ali, Prerna Makharia Kumar, Laksh Pahuja and Ishu Datwani

Mumbaigloss was completely awed by these creative designers and decided to ask good friend Prerna Makharia Kumar about the latest jewellery trends in the market for the benefit of our readers.

Prerna Makharia

MG: Prerna, you have been a part of this industry for such a long time and recently I heard you talk in the seminar about the various jewellery trends. Can you throw some more light on that please?

PMK: Hi Mumbaigloss, I have observed that new trends are created by taking inspiration from the twelve leitmotifs from our Indian culture and history which is Shankha or Conch, Parrot, Lotus, Peacock, Elephant, Flame, Umbrella, Mango,  Creeper, Flower, Sun, and Windows or Jharokhas. The Indian designs have an earthy feel and that is what makes them distinct from the designs across the world.  These days’ statement pieces are much in demand. One metal statement pieces with textures are trending.

Sunburst brooch rays

MG: Do you mean to say that traditional diamond, coloured gemstones, Meenakari and polki jewellery is out of fashion?

PMK: No, these will never go out of fashion. It is according to the needs of the client. A traditional ceremony will require traditional designs like say temple jewellery and a modern set-up or social gathering can have the client sporting the latest trends. 

MG: Can you explain more about ‘one metal jewellery with textures’?

PMK: Popular metal textures that the jewellery industry is embracing with enthusiasm are hammering, sandblasting, diamond-tool, crisscross satin, matt finish, Florentine finish, etching and laser engraving. Experimenting with metal textures is big this year and in the year ahead it will be “all about the surface”. Various forms of metal textures have, no doubt, been around for a while. However, they have been rudimentary and since women in the 21st century are eager to experiment with different looks, it is essential that the textures are stylish and tasteful. Not only, gold, silver and platinum jewellery will see this trend, in fact designers are experimenting with other metals as well.


Thank you Prerna for giving us a low down on the upcoming trends in the market. It was a pleasure to have you here. 

Now this sounds interesting. These one metal textured jewellery pieces look very attractive yet rustic. I am sure big gemstones can be added to these designs to give them glamorous statement appeal. What do think about this trend? Leave a comment below.

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