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Suzzane Khan, Suzzane Roshan, Fempowerment Awards

Fempowerment Women Achievers’ Awards were held at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA) on 28, August.  An initiative by Molecule Communications, and brain-child of Kiren Shrivastav (Director & CEO of Molecule Communication); it was the second edition of the awards in Mumbai. The awards celebrated the worth and empowerment of women in India, honoring everyday women across 14 categories including science, entrepreneurship, sports, art, education, corporate and entertainment, etc. Distinguished guests across industries participated in the award ceremony. Suzzane Khan (ex-wife Hrithik Roshan) was also present to felicitate the winners. Mumbaigloss decided to speak to Kiren Shrivastav to know more about the awards and how it will help to recognize women empowerment in India.

Kiren is an eminent leader in the Entertainment & Media Industry with over 18 years of experience, having worked with the best of organisations. She has worked with many women industry leaders and has seen many women evolve as achievers. She tells us more about women empowerment in India.

Kiren Shrivastav, Molecule Communications, Fempowerment Awards

Kiren Shrivastav, CEO & MD Molecule Communications

MG: Hi Kiren, thank you for taking out time to talk to us. The first question that I would like to ask is what do you feel about women empowerment in India?

Kiren: Women Empowerment has different definition for different people. I feel, it’s become a trend for many people who are misusing the word women empowerment by trying to make women feel equal to a man or compare with men, which is not the right way!

For me, Women Empowerment is when a woman is self-sufficient and  has all the rights to do what she wants to, through pursuing her passion, education, career or even the right to choose whom she wants to spend her life with and at the same time getting support from the family to maintain a balance.

MG: I completely agree Kiren. Some people are trying to misuse “Women Empowerment” in the garb of getting attention to unwanted topics. Why did you start Fempowerment Awards? What is the idea behind it?

Kiren: Applaud, appreciation and encouragement are very important aspects for us to grow better and even perform better. I wanted to initiate this award to not just have an award function but to ensure that these achievers can motivate others to work hard as well. Most important aspect was to make it a forum where not only we appreciate and encourage achievers’ but we play an important role to even create one!

MG: That’s a very noble thought! How did you manage to garner industry support? Who all came forward towards this cause?

Kiren: The approached jury members, loved the concept and gave me full support. My family, my team supported me and all the people who worked and were a part of the awards like Mitaliji (Singh),Shruti Pathak, Karan Oberoi, Vandana Vadehra  (the anchor), our crew, most of the males supporting this cause went all out to make this happen.

Honestly, no brand or sponsor came forward to support me and I actually had to do this event on my own along with taking some help from my other director Gagan Sharma. I faced lots of difficulties financially to make this happen because I wanted to stick to the process transparency and maintain the class and uniqueness.  I didn’t want to follow the herd mentality by having certain content or even sell the award! Hence I had no support financially by any corporate to make this happen even though we tried reaching out to almost all the top corporates! Everyone had a similar mindset of treating it just like TV content and not as an initiative or respecting the transparency!

MG: How did you profile the nominees? How did the jury choose the winners?

Kiren: We received nominations. Our team at Molecule was keeping a tab on all women achievers’ related news for 6 months. Once we had all the profiles, which were almost 137 names in different categories that were fitting the criteria, we started shortlisting.  We had taken support from some industry experts to screen the names based on verification and facts followed by which it was given to the main jury members.

We were very clear that we didn’t want to give the award to anyone who has been winning or which is obvious but to the one who deserves or is rather doing great work, but is not recognized yet. You can sense that from the winners list except for a few.

MG: What do you intend to achieve from Fempowerment Awards? What are your future plans?

Kiren: I want to make Fempowerment Awards aspirational, where outstanding work done by everyday woman is recognized. Where the selection process is transparent and genuine; which will lead to more good work as when they come to the limelight they can inspire many others.

Secondly Fempowerment will not just be an award or platform of recognition but a forum which will keep conducting activities for women to empower them in different zones. And most important my personal passion and cause is to get jobs for the victims to make them self-sufficient and not characters of sympathy!

I plan to turn it into an NGO. We will be getting an international association to convert it into a movement which will make a difference to the society.

Kiren Shrivastav, Molecule communications, Fempowerment Awards

MG: Thank you Kiren for speaking to us. Do you have any message for our readers?

Kiren: Please motivate and inspire others. I personally request all women to not equate or compete with men as genders; WE are unique because we can beautifully handle family and work. We need men too. And if you want to compete with a man please compete as humans and professionals not based on gender cause I really believe “Men and Women are not equal, they are different! They complement each other due to their differences.

Very well said Kiren!

This was Kiren Shrivastav who is trying to recognise women achievers through Fempowerment Awards. I am sure it will inspire many women from every walk of life to achieve better. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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