Are fortified noodles healthy?

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With our busy lives, fast foods have made their way into our diets. Unconsciously, we tend to choose easy-to-cook items whenever we want a quick-meal-fix. Instant noodles, chips, savoury items (farsaan), chaat pakoda, all have replaced whole foods and healthy choices. But even the health conscious are making mistakes by buying food like noodles fortified with vitamins, baked chips, yogurt dips, salad dressings, etc. along with healthy choices like fruits, nuts, cheese and salads. More often we reach out for food that is processed and packaged when we are starving. So, how do we avoid unhealthy food choices?

The solution lies in understanding nutritional labels, in order to pick the healthiest out of the packaged foods available widely in the supermarkets today. Let us know more about these food labels:

Is a packet of noodles fortified with vitamins and minerals healthy?

Fortified packet of noodles doesn’t add any nutritional value to your diet. In fact it is best to avoid any packaged food on the basis of the fortified vitamins and minerals. The fortified vitamins and minerals in packaged food are insufficient and are not equivalent to the RDA, (Required Daily Allowance). Instead of adding nutrients to your diet, these food items add additional calories and fat to your daily intake.

Is Maggi with vitamins and vegetables healthy?

Fortified instant noodles

Are low fat yoghurts healthy for daily intake?

The low fat yoghurts are definitely low on fat than full-fat yoghurts. Usually these yoghurts are flavoured and contain more than 10g of sugar which is high for a regular intake and will add to calories to one’s diet. Check the food label to know the amount of fibre and sugar content in the yogurt.  It is important to check the sugar content in comparison with the total carbohydrate content.

Is low fat yogurt healthy?

Yogurt parfait with breakfast cereals and fruits

Are Ragi/ Wheat light/ oats biscuits good choice for a snack?

Biscuits are not healthy, even if they have these complex fibres. Per biscuit the fibre content is less and not sufficient to give any health benefits.  Also, each biscuit has some amount of fat, sugar and maida combined with the fibre rendering ingredient like (whole Wheat atta, Ragi atta, etc.) which is not healthy. To eat ragi, oats or wheat, it’s best to cook them in their natural form.

How do you distinguish between the different milk tetra packs available?

Buffalo’s milk is full fat milk at 4% fat. Cow’s milk is toned milk at 2-3 % fat. Double toned milk is toned milk with lower fat content with process for further fat removal. Skimmed milk is the lowest in fat content with 0.9% fat. It would be most advisable to have skimmed milk and products in order to avoid disguised fat daily in the diet.

What about baked products like chips and wafers available in the market?

Baking is a process in which less fat is used over frying and deep frying. However any food product which needs to be baked to be solidified needs a moderate amount of fat. Baking is better than frying but not better than roasting or grilling where minimal fat is needed. Any food label higher on saturated fat over 10g is not appropriate.

Are baked chips healthy?

baked chips

Also, note that most processed and packaged snacks are high on sodium, disguised sugar forms like fructose and corn syrup (especially found in breakfast cereals) and even high on saturated fat or trans fats. So, on your next trip to the supermarket read the labels carefully and make an informed choice!

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