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Foodies are a happy community. As long as there is good food, they are ready to go to any corner of the world. And when it came to eating one of the famous Salli Boti, Biriyani and Kebabs in one of the oldest restaurants near Crawford Market, we were more than happy to visit Gulshan E Iran.

For a first timer, it doesn’t look very appealing. Hordes of locals throng this place around lunch time which can start as early as 11:30 am and go on till 4 pm. It is a two storey set up where upper storey is meant for families. There is no valet, hardly any waiting area and no bathrooms. But there are taps to wash hands before and after the meal. The waiter, an old man in his 50’s ceremoniously instructed us to wash our hands before we could sit and order. Gulshan E Iran has been feeding its patrons from a time when fine dining restaurants were scarce and foodies returned to an establishment only for good and delicious food. If you are not fixated on an overall dining experience then you should visit this place which is right across Crawford market on Muhammad Ali road.

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We were three people who somehow managed to get a place at peak lunch time. Thanks to the waiter who could recognize my hungry soul from a distance. The service was quick. They expect you to be quick as well while deciding on the menu. The menu had several options to try. Mostly, Indian and Chinese. They don’t have time to ponder over the food for very long as the queue of people wanting to sit grows restless. They wait with a hawk’s eye for any table that gets vacated to remind the waiters to arrange for their seating. Actually, it is a sport which upper class fine dining club would hardly enjoy. But if you have the enthusiasm and the thirst for real food adventure then you should come to dine at least once at Gulshan E Iran.

Roti, what is Roti, Indian bread, Salli boti

Roti and Salli boti

We quickly placed our orders for two Chicken Biryanis (Mutton Biryani was over at 2 pm), Salli Boti, One Roti and a Falooda. The food was served within 10 minutes from the time we placed our order. Meanwhile, I took note of what others were eating around me like Bheja fry, Murg Hara Kebab, Murg Kalimirch, Tandoori chicken, etc. I also saw a few guests ordering Chinese food (the spicy Indian variety) for themselves. I realised they were churning out dishes after dishes in no time. The consumption rate is too high for them to serve any stale food. And people were enjoying their meal completely.  I just loved the Salli Boti and Roti. Roti (Indian Flat Bread) had a distinct flavour to it. It looked a little creamy and tasted a little salty. It went very well with Salli Boti. The Biriyani had big pieces of chicken and wasn’t spicy per se but it was laden with oil and somehow it didn’t gel well with my palate which is used to the Dum variety of biriyani. Biriyani was served with raita made with curd. The portion size was generous.

chicken biriyani,  Gulshan e Iran, foid at Muhammad Ali Road, Mumbai

chicken biriyani

Later, falooda was served and I just couldn’t finish it. It was too sweet for my liking but those who love extremely sweet dishes might love this one. So, all in all we ate happily, washed our hands again and left the place with a faint idea of returning someday to try other delicacies.

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The bill for three people stood at Rs. 650 plus taxes. That included masala soda bottles of 600 ml each and two Phirnis (rice pudding) with rose essence. So, you see that it is definitely value for money and provides excellent option for people who want to eat good Mughlai food on a budget. There are many who just relish this kind of spicy and oily food. And those who love Gulshan E Iran, keep coming back to it for more.

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Have you ever eaten at Gulshan E Iran? Which was your favourite dish? Would like to hear about it. Do leave a comment below.

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