Hair styles for medium length hair after hair makeover from Lakme Absolute Salon

After the super cool transformation of my hair from brown to red at Lakme Absolute Salon last month, I have been trying some effortless chic styles with my hair. For the benefit of those who don’t remember, I had tried The Auburn Blend from their Showstopper Collection. And boy, I have been receiving compliments since then. Red is bold and powerful. It has the energy which easily takes off a few years from your face. Even Sonakshi Sinha recently got red ombre done to her newly acquired bob.

Sonakshi Sinha red hair, ombre, bob

I am one of those people who like simple and low maintenance styles. So I am going to list three looks with my shoulder length Auburn Ombre which are a lazy girl’s best friend.

1. Blow Dry with volume at the top:

2. Light waves with a hair band

3. Scrunchy waves

Blow Dry with the volume at the top:

Parimita Chakravorty,  Lakme Absolute Salon, Bandra, The Showstopping Collection

I have fine medium volume hair and always keep on looking at ways to get some volume on my crown. To make my face look a bit longer, I opt for side parting. But still the hair on my scalp falls flat. That is where I found a solution with extra hold hair spray and a comb to create volume at my crown. After a good blow dry, I part my hair like a square in the crown area and then back comb very lightly. I make sure not to damage my hair. I set it up with strong hold hair spray and cover the mesh with a chunk of my smooth blow dried hair. It is fast and easy. The red highlights gleamed after a blow dry and gave a character to my shoulder length hair.

Light waves with a hair band:

Parimita Chakravorty,  Lakme Absolute Salon,  Bandra,  The Showstopping Collection

If you want to look a little dressy, maybe for a dinner or a party then this is another quick fix. Use a hair curling wand to create light waves in your hair. You can also make pig tails and use a flat iron to create waves in your hair. Quickly create some volume at the crown in the same way as mentioned in the above style. Accessorize with a hair band or a scarf and you are ready to rock the party. The red ombre effect in my case made it look absolutely stunning as the waves fell near my face highlighting my complexion. The look was very feminine and will suit almost every face shape.

Scrunchy waves:
Parimita Chakravorty, Lakme Absolute Salon,  Bandra,  The Showstopping Collection

One of my favourite and my go-to hair styles. I have naturally wavy hair. After washing my hair with volume giving shampoo and conditioner, I apply volume inducing hair cream or gel into my wet hair. Haaa! Lots of volume! Then I tie my hair into a high pony tail. I put a cotton based hair band right at the crown, pulling all my hair into a sky high pony tail. Then I separate my pony tail from the middle (like we all do while creating a sock bun). With a regular hair dryer I give a full heat blast at the middle of the pony tail till my hair is 85% dry. Once I open my pony tail, I find my hair out turned, textured and a bit scrunched from various places. This looks neat with a weekend dressing, laid back holiday dressing, etc. My red highlights gave the textures much more definition than with plain black hair.

I recommend you to try one of the hot hair styles from the Lakme Absolute Salon, The Show Stopping Collection. It will give your hair styles quite a lot of spunk. What do you think about these styles? Do leave a comment below.

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