Happy Mother’s Day: Bollywood mums show the changing face of Indian mothers

Ma! Aai! Maiyya! Mumma! Call her with any of the above or just whisper ‘Ooii Mummy’ whenever you are in trouble but there is no denying that the love of a mother is the biggest support. Mothers are omnipresent and Bollywood has ensured that they remain an integral part of our lives forever. Be it the song ‘Ma’ from Taare Zameen Par which brings tears to our eyes to yesteryear’s wooing with ‘Mummy ne chai pe bulaya hai’ from Souten, mothers have always had a role etched out for them in the Indian cinema. Here are a few modern day Bollywood mothers who are depicting the changing face of Indian motherhood:

1. Mom Buddy:

A mother is a child’s first friend and the best friend for a life time. This is true for many. Today’s mother is not afraid to guide their wards on taboo topics like periods and sex, but is also ready to give tips ranging from cooking to dating. A good friend in a mother is what every child seeks and if you have a buddy mom then you are pretty lucky.

Mothers Day, Lilette Dubey, Kal Ho Na H0

2. Fit mother:

Today’s mother is ready to match up to the fitness levels and interests of her children.  You shouldn’t be surprized if your mother can do more crunches than you and better bicep curls than your beau.  Of course, she believes that a healthy body and mind are necessary for a better lifestyle and she leaves no stones unturned when it comes to her personal fitness.

Mothers Day, Exercising mother, Dostana, Kiron Kher

3. Dancing Diva

It is not just the reality TV which has given boost to the Indian mothers to pursue their passion in dancing but the mothers are themselves opening up to the idea that they should pursue their hobby and get formal training in the field of their choice. Also, it is the best form of fitness activity. So don’t be surprized if your mother becomes the next Salsa sensation. She is definitely comfortable shaking her bootiya now than before.

Mothers Day, Dimple Kapadia, Dancing mom

4. Techno savvy:

Gone are the days when mothers will fumble with their phones and desktops. The new breed of mothers are tech savvy when it comes to their phones, tablets, laptops and might give you gyaan on the best apps available in the market. She is much more active on social media than you are and has better knowledge about the technical stuff. She is the new gadget goddess on the horizon!

Kiron Kher, MOthers Day, Khoobsurat

5. Chef on demand:

Today’s mothers might not be restricted to the kitchen alone but whenever you demand she whips up your favourite dish. Indian mothers have come out of the notion that only girls should learn to cook. She is ready to train her boys in cooking as well.  This is one of the most important life skills and she believes that it is necessary for both the genders to learn it. Kudos! Momma!

Amrita Singh, Mothers Day, Arjun Kapoor

6. Fashion and beauty guru:

Indian mothers are in no way behind their counterparts’ world over when it comes to fashion and beauty. She knows her designers and which accessories amplify her swag. She is not afraid to experiment with street fashion and can look like a million bucks with her street finds. So, in short, don’t question her style. She can rock vintage and modern with equal panache.

Mothers Day, Ratna Pathak

7. Not homophobic:

Indian mother is open to the idea of your same sex partner preferences though law is still against it. Well, most of them. She might sulk a bit because of societal pressures but she won’t give up on you. She just wants to see you happy. She doesn’t mind if your partner is older (especially in the case where the girl is older to boy) and neither does she mind the sexual orientation of your partner as long as you both are committed and happy with each other.

Dostana,  Kiron Kher, Abhishek Bacchan, John Abraham

8. Indulge in purrty cat fights:

Don’t get alarmed if your mom gets into a cat fight. After all, she has an opinion and there is no harm in voicing it out rather than staying passive, like in the past. She might give her piece of mind to people who she thinks deserve some and might get carried away a little. That might sometimes turn a little ugly but that’s ok. After all, life is made interesting with such incidents. Isn’t it?


9. Million bucks host

Indian moms have come off age when all they were expected to do was to cook for the guests and take care of the kitchen affairs. Now, they are not confined to kitchen anymore. Today’s mothers can arrange parties in a jiffy and don the cap of a perfect host. Be it her guests or yours, she is always ready to welcome them with a smile.

Lilette Dubey

10. Approval for your girl

Indian mothers are still very possessive about their sons. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t welcome the girl her son loves. If she feels that your girlfriend is the one who will genuinely take care of you, like she has been taking care of you all through these years; you will get an instant approval for her. Faster than any loan approval.


11. Indian roots intact

Indian mothers might have turned modern but their Indian roots are still intact. They still love the culture and the values and want their children to imbibe them. They want their children to respect history, enjoy festivals, learn languages and keep the cultural roots alive.


Happy Mother’s day! Have a lovely time with your moms. Hope you liked the post. Do leave a comment below.

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  1. Very well written. And so true too! Moms aren’t just uni-dimensional women who only cook, look after the house and cry at the drop of a hat. We are so much more than that 🙂

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