Himalaya Herbals hair care range are as good as hair spa at home

Protibha from Mumbaigloss went to experience #BringHairAlive, hair spa treatment by Himalaya Herbals last weekend. With hair problems like breaking, splitting, dryness at the ends, dry scalp, etc. I wasn’t sure how this was going to help.  Usually, ayurvedic products are considered mild and without any side effects so I thought there was no harm in giving it a try.

Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair Fall Range

Once I reached Asif Salon in Lokhandwala, I spoke to the concerned hair specialists about my problems. The hair specialist assessed my tresses and said that there was no dandruff and a bit of hair-fall was natural. Later, he suggested that to counter the dryness in the hair and scalp, I should regularly use, hair oil or hair cream to provide moisture to the hair shaft. He said that I should wash my hair with mild shampoo and moisturising conditioner. I took down the useful tips and eventually my hair treatment started.

Asif Salon Lokhandwala, Himalaya Herbals

Hair specialist first applied the Anti – Hair Fall oil to the roots of my hair and scalp with soaked cotton ensuring that my entire head received the oil treatment. The oil contains Bhringraaj and Amlaki which promote growth of hair.  In my childhood, my mother would ask me to wash my hair with Amla and Reetha for better hair. Now those age-old recipes have been sealed in a bottle by Himalaya Herbals. The oil is supposed to nourish the roots and help with scalp moisturisation. It is non-sticky so it can be applied daily. After applying the oil, he started with the head massage which was relaxing and invigorating. Head massage increases blood circulation to the roots as well as helps in product penetration in the hair shaft.

Post head massage, I was taken for a hair wash. My hair was washed thoroughly with Anti-Hair Fall shampoo to remove every trace of the oil from the body of the hair. This was done to remove any dirt and impurities which was in my hair and scalp.

Once my hair was towel dried, it was divided into sections and Anti-Hair Fall Protein Cream was applied to the scalp and hair. The hair specialist slowly covered my entire hair with the cream section by section. Again, I received a little head massage which felt very relaxing. My hair was twisted and put up in a bun.

Asif Salon, Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair fall range

Steam was given to my treated hair so that the protein rich cream penetrated the hair shaft completely giving it a glossy and healthy look. After 15-20 minutes of the steam application, I was taken for another head wash where Anti-Hair Fall shampoo and Protein rich conditioner were used to wash my hair.

Finally, my hair was blow-dried and styled. The first thing that I noticed about my hair was that it looked glossy and felt soft. It smelled great.

Himalaya Herbals, Bring Hair Alive, Protibha Chakravorty

Stylist from Himalaya Herbals also said that the hair cream can be used both as a mask as well as a styling cream. And it costs only Rs. 100 for 100 ml.

The best thing is that the products are affordable but give excellent results. Natural ingredients like China Rose, Chick Pea, Oats, Lotus, Amlaki, Bhringraaj, Licorice, and several other herbs have been used to create this hair-care range. It’s like I am getting products which my mother would have recommended me to use for nourished hair.

Parimita Chakravorty, Protibha Chakravorty, Himalaya Herbals

The Chakravorty sisters 🙂

I would recommend these products to those who want lustrous, shiny, black hair the natural way.

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  1. I am using mastani hair care kit of amruta pharma with great results
    and my hair got shinier and stronger within a week, u also give review for this herbal product.

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