Imagica Eyelusion review: good effort to introduce young minds to AR technology

Independence day long weekend was used to explore Imagica Theme Park with my 6 year old daughter. Situated 75 Kms away from the Mumbai city, it took us almost 2 hours to reach Imagica in Khopoli on a Saturday. We entered at 11 am and left only at 8 pm when the park gates were closed and only a few guests remained to leave. Yes, it was a long day, but a well utilized day, full of fun. I had also booked tickets for the latest attraction called Eyelusion (Trick Eye photography and video centre) and decided to give a quick visit to the place. We were charged Rs 148 plus taxes per person for this attraction. If you want to read about the Eyelusion review then continue reading the post.

It took us 15 to 20 minutes to quickly explore all the photography options in the Eyelusion. The attendants helped us to capture our moments of fun. We were asked to download an app called Eyelusion from the Play Store and post that AR videos were also captured on the phone with those tricky back grounds. We had a good time in the Eyelusion. I also explained to my daughter how the AR technology works. She was excited to learn about the same.

Here are a few glimpses of what we achieved with the trick photography at Imagica Eyelusion:

Imagica Eyelusion, Kungfu Panda,

Imagica Eyelusion – Panda pooping scoop of ice-cream

Imagica Eyelusion

Imagica Eyelusion – Hulk taking a piss

Imagica Eyelusion

Imagica Eyelusion – Horse riding Polo Match

Imagica Eyelusion

Imagica Eyelusion – The money tree

Imagica Eyelusion

Imagica Eyelusion – Sky dive


Here you can see an AR video captured with the help of their app.

Conclusion: It is good but not great. They have just started so they are yet to streamline the visitor experience. The price charged is alright. But if they decide to increase the price then this attraction might not be a good value for the money. Moreover, it was not labelled/advertised properly inside the premises so it was tough for me to find my way to the Eyelusion hall. For the newbies, it is located around the Jain Food Hall.

Will I recommend it? Yes. It is a good effort to introduce young minds to the AR technology. In a fun way, the basics can be explained to the inquisitive minds.

*Images have been used as it is.

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