Imbiss Colaba review: Strictly for meat lovers!

Imbiss colaba

Pork knuckle cooked in lightly spiced gravy

With so many ‘only veg’ restaurants cropping up in Mumbai (Kaamath’s started this tradition, I believe), Imbiss is a relief for all the hungry meat loving and meat eating souls. It stands out in the restaurant crowd as it claims to cater to serious meat lovers. Impressive! Their tag line ‘Meating joint’ is eye catching and their menu is equally pleasing to the eye. Their menu is limited but includes dishes made with bratwurst, schnitzels, beef roast, pork chops, crackling and spare ribs, mmm ….mouthwatering. The love for steaks, kebabs, ribs, is echoed in the way the food is served.  I witnessed it and I can vouch for it. Only meat eaters can visualize, understand and appreciate the idea behind this joint.

Imbiss colaba

Meat loaf

Well, I became a part of this overwhelming ‘meating’ experience last evening when I visited their Colaba joint. (Imbiss is also in Bandra). The Colaba joint entrance is in a narrow street and the property isn’t very big either. The two storey property can accommodate not more than 40 -50 people at a time. Parking is a major problem. The restaurant doesn’t have a valet service and the staff ask you to park in the residential area further down the street. It is absolutely risky as there is no dedicated parking area for the restaurant. The alternative being, park your car at the circle near the Regal cinema and walk all across the Colaba causeway to reach here. Or simply, take a taxi and don’t bring your car.

Ambience at Imbiss Colaba

Ambience at Imbiss Colaba

Once inside, we were greeted by the staff who were attentive and polite. We were quickly seated and given the menu. The menu is full of meat items (beef, pork, etc). Though, I felt that chicken and seafood lovers will be disappointed as the menu doesn’t have much to offer. The decor is nothing extra-ordinary but will remind you of a humble, cozy, café you might have visited on the European streets or joints on the Baga-Calangute stretch in Goa. The seats are comfortable. The first floor area is crammed though with a blaring TV and huge sound boxes. But, who cares? You are there for food and Imbiss food didn’t disappoint us at all.

Imbiss Colaba

Displayed sausages, meat loafs and other items – do not sell

We tried the Spicy beef, bacon and duck cakes which were small juicy deep fried meat patties. Perfect as a starter! We also tried their famous pork ribs. The meat was soft and easily came of the bones. Yet, it was cooked to perfection with the right amount of spices. We also ordered the chilli pickle (Bhoot Jholokia, known as the hottest chilli in the world). Did I enjoy it? It was definitely hot, but not too hot to handle.

Imbiss Colaba

 For main course we ordered for Kassler which is smoked pork loin served with gravy and vegetables, Eisbien – tender cooked pork knuckle – a German speciality and Steak with sauerkraut bacon and sausage. All the dishes served were a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds! The sauces, the meat, the spices, and accompaniments, all were perfectly cooked and were pure indulgence. But, they didn’t have much on the desserts menu. Red velvet cake got over by the time we finished dinner.  We tried the Chocolate and nut cake, the only other dessert available that evening. It was warm, oozing with chocolate sauce and nutty. A perfect end to a sumptuous dinner!

Imbiss Colaba

All of them were amazingly good. With a perfect blend of flavor and spices, the meat recipes just won us over. Not only that, the price is reasonable. Each dish costs anywhere between Rs. 250 to Rs. 350. With non-alcoholic drinks and food, our bill amount stood at Rs. 3500 (including taxes) for 4 people. The portion sizes were good too. We came back happy and satisfied. Will I go to Imbiss again? Anytime!

Imbiss Colaba
Pork chops

Plus: Food, price   Minus: Variety for Chicken and seafood, no parking, small property

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