Is shades of red hair colour better than shades of brown hair colour for Indian/south asian skin?


How often do you wish that someone would guide you if you should choose the shades of red or brown hair colour for your precious mane? You do not wish to commit a mistake of colouring your hair in the wrong shade and then repent. If you do commit a mistake of colouring hair in the wrong shade then you might have to colour your hair in quick succession with another colour to correct the look. This might also damage the hair texture. So let our experts guide you in your choice of hair colour in either red or brown.

The belief:

Shades of brown are better for Indian skin tone.

The facts:

A few years back only shades of brown and natural black were available in the market when it came to hair dyes and colours. People opted for henna to dye their grey hair. But with gradual exposure to products available in the international market and the introduction of various international brands in the Indian market, now we have a lot more options available for colouring hair. With the recent trends in fashion, a rainbow of colours have been introduced by different brands. Few opt for streaks and many for global colouring. People are ready to experiment with their hair colour by applying shades of blonde and platinum colours as well. But the favourite remains browns and reds. Let us find out which is better for Indian skin tone.

Berzin Irani, renowned independent make up artist suggests:

Shades of brown are better for Indian skin. Most of the Indians have a wheatish to dusky skin tone. Brown colour goes with any skin tone. Shades of red usually look good with lighter or pale skin tone.


Shirin Merchant, owner of Kut and Make salon, Mumbai suggests:

Red and Brown both look good on Indian skin. But dusky skin can carry off red very well.

Mahagony, Auburn, Deep red, there are many shades available in the market which look good on both wheatish and duskier skin.

The verdict:

Our experts have different opinions regarding the hair colour in red and brown. Indian skin tone can carry off both red and brown shades with elan. Just choose the shades wisely. Make sure that if you are too dusky do not go for very light brown and if you are too pale or fair, do not go for the darkest brown. Hair colour should be chosen keeping in mind your original hair. The hair colour should be only three shades lighter or darker than the original hair colour.

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