Jewellery designers Mrinalini Chandra and Suhani Pittie make a statement at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014

Mrinalini Chandra and Suhani Pittie showcased some outstanding designs during Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014. Mumbaigloss is always on the lookout for the next best design in jewellery therefore decided to give you a low down on their creations and the shows.

Mrinalini Chandra

Model walks for Mrinalini Chandra

Mrinalini Chandra’s collection called “Shakuntala” was an ode to the mythological character and her life. The splendid handcrafted couture jewellery had interesting forms like flowers, leaves, insects, monkeys and fish that were part of Shankuntala’s life. Using techniques like enamelling, moulding, patterning along with filigree casting, unique statement pieces were created. Expert craftsmen from Orissa created the filigree, while some from Lucknow made the Nakkashi and those in Maharashtra created the enamelling.

Mrinalini Chandra

By Mrinalini Chandra

The grandeur of the designs was evident in huge leaves which circled the neck and wrists, while butterfly motifs were turned into enormous necklaces. Giant gold leaf-like ornaments were actually finger gloves. Patterned belts, star burst earrings, draped necklaces, hundreds of silver discs and pearls that cascaded from neck to hips and the fish link shawl draped over one shoulder was a grand end to the show. Simply breath-taking!

Mrinalini Chandra,  Lakme Fashion Week

By Mrinalini Chandra

Suhani Pittie’s collection “Found and Lost” was again modern jewellery with bold designs. She chose German silver, plated brass and copper, acrylic as well as pearls to create this line. Suhani used Minakari, lace work, folding, pressing, shredding, curling, levelling and extrusion with great skill and brought in Indian Repousse to give glamour to her jewellery.

Suhani Pittie

By Suhani Pittie

Hairpins were eye-catching, while ear buttons, ear cuffs, palm cuffs, harnesses and earrings added a new dimension to ornaments. The bold giant neckpiece with 3D rose motifs looked excellent. The giant rose linked bracelet and the very graphic earrings were stunners on the ramp.

Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie creation

Layers of petals in metal with tiny floral detailing were a part of a magnificent necklace; while sprays of interconnected leaves formed a stunning piece of jewellery. Minakari suspender necklace, vintage harness, belt and palm cuffs looked very modern yet a touch of heritage reflected in them. Pressed metal gloves, ear buttons, folded metal detachable necklace, the metal two-sided neckpiece, shredded and metal cuffs were stunning.

Suhani Pittie,  Deepti Gujral

By Suhani Pittie

These two jewellery designers look like the rising stars in the jewellery industry.

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