Kareena’s onscreen fiance Olivier Lafont launches a novel – Warrior

Olivier Lafont is a familiar face in our household having done several commercials and movies. Do you remember the money-minded fiancé of Kareena Kapoor from the movie 3 idiots or the husband in the latest Indusind advert where Farhan Akhtar is trying to impress a woman? Yes, that’s him.

We have loved him in all these small appearances. But not many of you know that he is also a successful screenplay writer who wrote script for the award winning movie ‘Hari Om’ and regularly contributes editorial pieces to men’s magazine ‘Man’s World’. He acts in theatres and English plays. He gives voice over in multiple languages. This multi-talented artist has his roots in France but can read, write and speak fluent Hindi. Lafont has written several novels. One of his novels was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize 2013. He is also published internationally under a pseudonym, and has published a fantasy novelette in South Africa, and has currently been offered two publishing deals for his new novel in India. And now, his new novel is being published by Penguin India called “Warrior”. It is a super-natural thriller, a revenge saga and should appeal to both young and old. Mumbaigloss decided to speak to Olivier about his upcoming novel which will be launched on 24th November.

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MG: Hi Olivier, we are glad to have you here and congratulations on the launch of your new novel. I had a few questions about the book. You are a storyteller already, writing scripts and editorials. Why did you choose to write a novel?

Olivier: Actually writing fiction was my first instinct. At the age of nine I tried to write my first novel; 15 pages of handwritten, illustrated story in a school notebook. Later, at sixteen, I wrote more than 500 pages of a novel that I never finished. So my earliest love was for prose and fiction. In fact, Warrior’s first incarnation was as a feature film script I wrote in 2001. Eventually, I decided to turn it into a novel, expanding the story and characters, although the central plot and theme are still the same.

MG: That’s interesting. Can you tell us more about this novel?

Olivier: Warrior is an epic adventure fantasy novel set in modern-day India. So you get a very real feel of India today juxtaposed with this fantastic world where all sorts of other things exist just beyond our line of sight. You have urban rakshasas living in Mumbai, covens of demigods masquerading as socialites and hobnobbing with celebrities, all manner of super- and subhuman creatures that have integrated our society and walk amongst us in plain sight and yet unseen.

My protagonist, Saam, is one of the older immortals around and the only remaining demigod son of Shiva. His father’s destructive godhood has devolved to him, so Saam not only has a supreme talent for killing and war, he has a thirst for it that has taken him three hundred arduous years to control. His great moral struggle is against this destructive nature he has inherited, and the consequences it has had on his life. He’s finally found balance, purpose, a home, love… only for all that to be snatched away. He then is presented with this choice: to become the darkest part of himself again, the destroyer, in order to save his world – or refuse and know that he let it all burn.

Warrior, novel, book launch, Olivier Lafont

MG: Now we are getting hooked! Can you tell us what is unique about this story?

Olivier: I really got the chance to explore and research in detail my varied interests in mythology, physics, history, philosophy, spirituality, and weave them all together in this story. You’ll find magic based on quantum physics, mechanical dwellers of a distant planet (not robots) reflecting India in a fascinating way and the persistent intrusion of distant history on our life today. Lots of stuff for all sorts of different readers, a story that can be read on many different levels, from casual fun to deeply spiritual to lightly metaphysical.

MG: What are your future plans? Are you planning another book?

Olivier: I’m planning many books! I have two other fiction books ready for publication, a non-fiction book in the pipelines, and I’ve started writing two more fiction novels. I’ve also written a new feature film script for which I’m looking for a producer.

MG: Are you planning to direct in the near future? Even that is another form of storytelling.

Olivier: I’m not currently interested in directing. But I surely want to act.  Acting is, as of now, a function of the offers I get that I find interesting. And actually this film script is a story I’ve written with me as the lead. This writer-actor combo is a very common and established setup in film industries around the world, except for India as of now. I’m keen to work with a forward-thinking producer in this direction.

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MG: Any message to our readers.

Olivier: I don’t believe in sending out messages. I’m in the art and business of storytelling, of creating dreams, of entertaining. I think people work out their own messages from the stories they imbibe. Which is why a multilayered story, a story with real depth, will be read in different ways by different people. I hope readers will find whole new worlds in ‘Warrior’, both the ones I intended and the ones created accidently.

MG: Thank you Olivier for sharing this information about your upcoming book. We wish you luck for its success!

So, this was handsome author Olivier Lafont who has written ‘Warrior’. Go and grab a copy from your nearest book store.

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