I Am Life – a spiritual fiction by Shraddha Soni – author interview

I Am Life Shraddha Soni

Author and spiritual healer Shraddha Soni

MumbaiGloss met the spiritual healer and now an author Shraddha Soni recently. What a positive personality she is. You feel like opening up your heart in front of her as if she is an old friend. She is a clairvoyant who helps people to connect with their soul, defining their path forward, establishing their purpose in life. Born to a family of goldsmiths, Shraddha saw life very closely after the demise of her father two decades ago. She gained wisdom which is unfathomable at such a young age.

And that is what she has penned down in her book ‘I Am Life’. It is a fable set in the modern life scenario. She has tried to bring fiction and non-fiction together by trying to imbibe meaningful lessons of life through an imaginary story.  The style of story telling is like Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’; which has not been attempted by any other Indian author till now. The book is about the spiritual journey of Siddharth Khanna, the protagonist and about finding the true meaning of his life. It will be an interesting read for those who like books in this genre. Let’s know more about it as well as the author – as in how did she fall prey to the writing bug.

About the book:

I Am Life Shraddha Soni

Book cover – I Am Life

Name:  I Am Life

Publisher: Random House

Price: Rs. 250

Synopsis: The book begins on just another malt ‘n’ golf day, when 38-year old, jet-setting Siddharth Khanna finds his fancy Manhattan life in shambles. With the rug pulled from under his feet, and after taking rounds of lawyers and voodoo doctors, Siddharth finally hits a bar with Andrea, his enthusiastic spiritual junkie friend. Andrea convinces him that the only way to find his answers is through finding God. With most searches these days beginning at Google, Siddharth clicks on ‘GOD’, and in a drunken epiphany, books himself a ticket to his homeland, the land of three hundred and thirty million Gods – India.

Arriving at India forces him to revisit his childhood dream and purpose that he had traded for, with circumstances years ago. On a spiritual binge in Rishikesh, Siddharth encounters all kinds of people: Gurus, God men, business opportunists and hippies: each with a story and some with a lesson.

Siddharth who believes that life has been unfair to him isn’t the perfect candidate for such an adventure. Will this encounter help him find the answers he has been looking for? Does he find God?


MG: Hi Shraddha, can you tell us more about the book ‘I am Life’? When is the launch and when will it be available to the readers?

SS: I Am Life is a modern day fable. It is a story of the protagonist Siddharth Khanna, aka Sid, and his life, it’s a mystical and yet a very relatable tale. The book will be launched on the 30th of January. It was published in December’ 13 and is available at all leading stores across the Indian subcontinent.

MG: This is your first book. When did you decide to become an author? Why did you choose this medium to tell your story?

SS: I had never set out to be an author, this story made me one. I saw this story in a flash of a moment and it got stronger by the day. To calm the clamor in my head, I started making notes on my phone. Months later when I joined those notes, I realised that I had completed an entire story.

Author Shraddha Soni

Author Shraddha Soni

MG: Who is your target audience/reader group?

SS: This is a book for all. Every reader across age groups or gender will relate with Sid at some point in life.

MG: What has been your inspiration behind this book?

SS: The story itself. It compelled me to pen it. 

MG: Are there any other books in the pipeline? Do you plan to write more books? On what subjects?

SS: Yes, I have started writing another story. It is a philosophical fiction with a mystical twist.

MG: Tell us about your family? What support did you receive from them while writing this book?

SS: I belong to a family of goldsmiths, born and raised in Mumbai. Dad passed away two decades ago and mom is oblivious to the literary world. A dotting mother though who supports me through everything I do and cuts me down to size when needed.

MG: Any message for Mumbaigloss readers:

SS: Life has a glorious role to play through you. Let life live!

Author Shraddha Soni I Am Life

Shraddha Soni with a fan

I hope you all ejoyed this short interview with Shraddha Soni. Don’t forget to buy her book peeps. You never know, you might find your life’s answers there.

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