Little Treats for Mahim and Bandra residents

My friend Dr. Sunita Pradhan who is a dentist by profession and foodie by choice has always thought of doing something in the culinary world. The best opportunity came when she decided to take a break from her work and start thinking seriously about her skills as a chef. Creativity poured in as she tried to discover new tastes and better avenues. She recently called me and said, “I have started with Little Treats that delivers sweet and savoury butters for gourmands who love to explore various mouth-watering flavours.” I was pretty excited to hear this. After all she was giving shape to her dreams.

Little Treats tiny bottles

Little Treats tiny bottles

She sent me three tiny bottles filled with the goodness of organic butter in the flavours Roasted Bell Pepper, Garlic and Basil and Peach Butter. The hand crafted samples contained no preservatives. She said, “They will keep well in the refrigerator for 15-20 days and up to 3 months in the freezer.” Now that is a decent life for a bottle of butter.

So how can you enjoy these Little Treats? Here is how:

• Slather it on toasted bread and enjoy.

Little Treats,  flavored butter in Mumbai,  Organic butter

Roasted Bell Pepper and Garlic & Basil butters

• Prepare Garlic Bread with Garlic and Basil butter.

• Add a dollop of butter on a baked potato and I guarantee you will be in heaven.

• Add a spoonful to sauté your favourite veggies and enjoy the enhanced flavour.

• Add a dollop of butter to the pan while making pasta.

• It’s the perfect weather for soup in the monsoons. Add a tsp of butter to the soup.

• Goes well with roasted or boiled corn.

• I use the butter to make scrambled eggs. I love the added flavour dimension to the eggs.

• The butters pair very well with meat. Rub the butter on your choice of meat and roast in the oven. Garlic butter prawns were never so easy to make.

• The peach butter can be spread over cakes and pancakes. You can add a spoonful of peach butter to a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt for that extra flavour. It goes well as a substitute in baked goods too.

Peach butter

Peach butter

Finally, it works wonders in an Asian stir fry adding the much needed tartness.

She delivers between Mahim and Bandra at an additional cost of Rs. 50. However, if there is a sizeable quantity, she can deliver in other parts of the city as well. She needs two days to make a fresh batch so place the order accordingly and enjoy a fresh flavoured butter with your favourite foods. You can also collect it yourself from Dadar or Mahim. For more details you can connect with her at

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