Loved Lebanese delicacies at Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli Colaba

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Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli in Colaba

Having got bored with the usual food options, me and OH decided to try Lebanese cuisine at Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli Colaba last weekend. Creamy Humus, served with warm grilled pita bread pieces on a black earthen pot immediately set up the mood for the evening. But before I start describing the food in this café, let me tell you about its location. Once you cross Taj Mahal hotel and drive straight to Arthur Bunder Road, Azmi Street, you cannot miss this café as it is bang on the road. Valet is available so you need not worry about parking your car on that busy street. The décor reminds you of pop-up cafes on Parisian lanes with cobbled stones on the floor and wooden logs on the ceilings. It has huge French windows with wooden blinds. The exterior is decorated with green shrubs. It has an old world charm, a vintage appeal which easily mesmerizes you on your first visit.

Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli Colaba

The café isn’t very big. It can house not more than 35 guests at a time. And the crowd starts pouring in only after 9.30 in the evening. The café doesn’t serve alcohol so you should be prepared to try out their mocktails and coolers instead. I tried a pomegranate and ginger cooler and it had a lot of punch from the ginger. It didn’t go too well with me but of course you can discuss various options with the serving staff before you try one. They compensate lack of alcohol with different exotic selection of tea. Lavender, marigold, mint, jasmine, you name it and you will find a tea flavour pleasing to your palate. I realized drinking warm tea was beneficial after the Lebanese food as it cleared up the hoarseness in the throat due to tangy olives and pickled vegetables.

Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli Colaba

Humus with pitta bread

We were crazy hungry when we reached the café and immediately ordered for the drinks and a portion of humus and pitta bread. I polished off the plate in no time. The humus was rustic with strong flavours of olive oil, lime, etc. Mmmaroosh humus is much creamier but here it was like an authentic preparation from Lebanon. We also ordered for a non-veg Mediterranean platter. It included small portions of shish taouk, lamb kibbeh, cilantro spiced chicken borek, pickled mushroom, olives, humus, baba ganoush, cumin mint labneh with chickpea couscous salad and zahtar crisp. It was more of a tasting plate. It had a lot of variety; smaller portions of popular Lebanese fair. But by the time we finished these two dishes, we were filled to the brim. It certainly is heavy and you should be careful while ordering food.

Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli Colaba

Mediterranean non-veg platter

I wanted to try other dishes like Morocan Lamb and Barley Shorba (dense meat soup), couscous salad, etc. The café also serves few Malaysian, Italian dishes along with bagels and burgers. They also have a small display of baked goods from where you can pick a variety of breads. They serve some beautiful desserts which unfortunately I couldn’t taste as I was stuffed.

The serving staff is courteous and helpful. Though, I suggest that you should ask them to repeat the order at least once. They had mistakenly brought us veg platter whereas we had asked for a non-veg platter. Though, they later rectified the order without any fuss. The café has many options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You will find baked eggplant with parmesan cheese to grilled salmon in peri-peri sauce. They have ample of choices.

Cafe Basilico Bistro and Deli Colaba

Price for two people can vary anywhere between Rs 1500 to Rs 2000. This is one of those laid back cafes where you would want to sit for a long time reflecting on a story, writing a blog post, planning for your future or chitchatting with an old friend. You will find many expats visiting this café.

Will I go there again? Of course, it has become one of our go-to restaurants that serve decent food at a decent price. I am yet to explore a lot many Mediterranean dishes with them.

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