Math inspired jewellery at LFW: Mrinalini Chandra and Vasundhara Mantri showcase geometrical designs

I was recently going through all the designs sent across to me during LFW and realised that two distinct jewellery designers had showcased their jewellery based on geometric designs. Geometric designs aren’t new but what is new is their interpretation of the designs giving them a contemporary appeal. Here are a few designs that I liked from these two designers.

Mrinalini Chandra, jewellery designer, contemporary jewellery designs in India

Mrinalini Chandra creation

Based on the subject Math, Mrinalini Chandra showcased her jewellery collection called “Mathematics of Sorts” at LFW. She took inspiration from the binary systems to the abacus, equations and numbers to create this collection. Using expert jewellery making techniques like rawa, navratana, jadai and nakashi, the craftsmanship moved to amazing heights. Elaborate giant shoulder dusters with the Number 5 artistically used were outstanding. Necklaces stretched from neck to navel and featured geometric symbols, while jagged linked triangles worked beautifully for hair-cum-ear ornaments.

Mrinalini Chandra, jewellery designer, contemporary jewellery designs in India

Mrinalini Chandra creates body wrap in metal

Chandeliers and chokers were worked with numerals while waist bands and armlets were done with circles. The multiplication sign was a huge “V” collar and back drape. Graduating necklace, bolero and belts with numbers and a neck to waist necklace were stunning. Pi sign was turned into a gold trail over a sari pallav.

Mrinalini Chandra, jewellery designer, contemporary jewellery designs in India

Math of jewellery

 Vasundhara Mantri showcased her designs through her collection “Blurred Lines”. It was a blend of strong, bold, geometric, asymmetric lines that worked well with traditional Indian sensibilities. Geometric gold shoulder harnesses, matching haath phools, a mix of necklace and armlet in spheres and the neck-cum-belt and ring were used together to create a complete look. Interlinked triangles formed a cape and hand décor; while a draped necklace ended as an armlet. The one-shoulder draped creation and the jagged crown, necklace-cum-body harness looked appealing.

Vasundhara Mantri, jewellery designer, contemporary jewellery designs in India

Look at the beautiful maang tika by Vasundhara Mantri

Were these designs exceptional? Absolutely not, as I feel that in the past few seasons, something similar has been presented already. Without mincing words, I would like to add that jewellery designers have to think out of the box. Just because it has to look futuristic and contemporary doesn’t mean they can keep on presenting same designs with a bit if iterations again and again. But we can’t take away the credit from these two young designers completely who at least tried to fuse modern with traditional in their own way. Florals with geometric lines and triangles gave softness and edginess to the designs at the same time. Vasundhara came out more upbeat in her designs than Mrinalini this season.

Vasundhara Mantri, jewellery designer, contemporary jewellery designs in India

Showstopping design by Vasundhara Mantri

I look forward to more beautiful designs from the two designers in the coming seasons.

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