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Have you ever wished that your scoop of ice-cream/gelato was a little less sweet, or a little more flavourful? Have you ever wished that your Banana and Strawberry ice-cream was more towards the Banana flavour? Or your mint and dark chocolate scoop had a stronger mint flavour? Well, now it is very much possible. The tastes for your favourite gelato can be easily customised as well as made sugar free. All this happens only with Mimi’s Gourmet Gelato.


The Goel siblings got bored of the generic flavours available at all the Gelateria and after getting inspired by French and Molecular Gastronomy they launched Mimi’s Gourmet Gelato in January 2014, in Delhi. Mimi’s was the first to introduce Gelatos cooked with Liquid Nitrogen in India and has been delighting its clients with new and unique flavours of its artisanal Gelatos. Liquid Nitrogen {-195 C} freezes the gelato base mixture instantly, and the result is a superior product, because it ensures an extremely creamy and dense, and ice crystal free result.

Those who don’t know the difference between Gelato and Ice-cream; Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. It starts out with a similar custard base as ice cream, but has a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream. It is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air and leaving the gelato denser than ice cream. Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, so its texture stays silkier and softer. Because it has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream, the main flavour and ingredient really shines through.

Mimi's gourmet gelato sample size cups

Mimi’s gourmet gelato sample size cups. Though, they serve in 500 ml and 1000 ml tubs

Every single batch of Mimi’s is hand-made, and produced in small batches of 500ml or 1000ml using locally sourced and fine ingredients. Small batch production ensures highest quality and freshness of product and an incredibly fine texture which cannot be attained by conventional Gelato/ Ice Cream manufacturing techniques. Here is their menu.

Mimi's gourmet gelato menu

Wow, isn’t this super impressive! Such flavours and that too customisable. I fell head over heels for their drunk and fusion flavours. After impressing Delhi taste buds, Mimi’s is launching in Mumbai. Shubhi Goel, partner at Mimi’s said that currently she takes orders only between Colaba to Bandra/Sion. Delivery charges are extra. For Bulk Orders, they can deliver beyond Bandra as well. So, your customised gelatos come to your door step. What more can you ask?

Shubhi sent me five exotic flavours to try.

  • Dulce De Leche with butterscotch and sea salt
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Dark Chocolate with Chilli Peppers
  • Dark Chocolate with Wasabi
  • Belgian chocolate

And let me tell you, their creamy and velvety texture just floored me completely.

Mimi's gourmet gelato

Dulce De Leche – was a unique experience as it was a little caramel, little salty and rest sweet gelato. It is a perfect combination with freshly cut fruits. The saltiness is easily balanced out with the sweetness and crunchiness of the fruits. Delicious!

Dulche De Leche

Matcha Green Tea – I imagined that it would have a distinct flavour but it was more towards the milky side. The pale green colour made it stand out though. I added dried green tea leaves as garnish which added to the crisp, crunch element to the gelato. You must try it. Nothing beats the health benefits of raw consumption of green tea leaves. And believe me it didn’t affect the taste at all.

Matcha green tea gelato

Dark Chocolate with Chili Peppers – It was the velvety smooth dark chocolate with a hint of chili. The heat was felt towards the end of every spoon. Though, I would have loved more heat element in this flavour. But as I told you, it can be customised to suit any palate. So next time will ask for more chili in this flavour.

Dark Chocolate with Wasabi – Again a treat for the chocolate lovers with a hint of wasabi.

Belgian Chocolate – Need I say more? Just dig into it and enjoy every spoonful. Rich, creamy, gooey chocolate gelato.

Chocolate gelato

The drunk flavours like Strawberry and Champagne, Mint and Vodka, Wild-berries and Tequila will be available with them shortly.

To order, you can connect with Mimi’s Gourmet Gelato at 9619805052 or write to them at gelatomimis.mum@gmail.com. So next time you are hosting a party at home or want to entertain your guests to exotic gelato flavours, simply connect with Mimi’s. What do you think about these flavours? Do leave a comment below.

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