What did you miss at the exclusive LFW Apartment? – Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014

A fashion week apartment is a common phenomenon at fashion weeks across the globe; be it NY, London or Paris. But Lakme Fashion Week introduced the LFW Apartment on the 27th floor of Palladium Hotel for the very first time. As you all are aware, Palladium Hotel hosted Lakme Fashion Week for the very first time during Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 and if resources are to be believed, they are booked for the next four seasons. Palladium offered an apartment, dedicated to the media and the bloggers so that they could recharge their juices during the busy fashion week and revitalize themselves with some pampering. It was inaugurated by MissMalini with selected few bloggers and thereafter was open to anyone holding media accreditation.

LFW Apartment

Me, poor mortal, thought why not checkout the oh-so-exclusive apartment myself. Therefore, after witnessing all the action pertaining to the Lakme Fashion Week on 8th and 9th floor of the hotel I took a special lift which had access to the higher floors from the 9th floor lobby. The bell boy carrying someone else’s luggage asked, “Mam which room?” And I declared, “LFW Apartment please, on the 27th floor.” Without batting an eyelid he swiped his own access card and off I went; away from all the frenzy. When, I reached the 27th floor, it was so quiet. Such a contrast from the buzz at the LFW venues. The floor had pin-drop silence and the glass window in the hallway provided a lovely view of the Lower Parel and Mahalaxmi area. Tiny cars looked like ants moving in a line. Such silence also invoked the philosopher in me. Looking at them I remembered words by a friend, “When you reach heights, usually you are alone. But don’t look down upon the ones who are left behind. They might seem tiny but eventually you have been there once and are part of them.” And I wondered if his words were metaphorical or in literal sense.

Palladium Hotel, LFW apartment

The LFW Apartment was in one corner but locating it was not at all difficult. I saw a few women strutting down the hallway in pencil heels towards a certain area. I knew they would lead me to my destination. A photo booth was right outside the apartment where bloggers were busy taking pictures. I opened the door with a lot of anticipation. Of course, I was not expecting Gianni Versace’s ghost to spring out from behind the door. The calm of the hallway was gone within seconds as inside the apartment was buzzing with people. Journalists, bloggers, few models, attendants from TIGI and Lakme Absolute were all over the place. TV was playing for no one in particular in the living room. Some cookies, cheese and crackers were kept for us to nosh on. Tea and coffee was being served by an attendant. In one corner, few bloggers were busy bitching about another. The wifi was free so a few of them were busy Tweeting/Instagraming as well. But the first thing I noticed about the apartment was the beautiful view of the Mahalaxmi Racecourse from its window. A few unknown faces greeted me and tried to figure out who I was.

LFW Apartment, Palladium Hotel

The apartment was kind of exciting with a lot of branded goodies to try on. A fashionistas dream apartment, you can say. It was equally divided between men and women folk. The bedroom had racks of designer clothes like leather jackets from Diesel #SuperDry, shoes from Dune, clutches and so on. The changing room next to the bedroom was always occupied. Bloggers were busy getting their hair done by TIGI hair professionals and makeup done by Lakme Absolute artists in one corner of the room. Others were just sitting on the bed, whiling away their time or waiting for a particular show to begin. There wasn’t any professional socializing as most of them were huddled in their personal groups and chitchatting away to glory or lost in their own thoughts. There were no catfights over a boy or a designer blazer as you would have expected. The apartment was rather uneventful, though a lot of activity was going on. I quietly sipped some tea, filled up on some cheese and cracker and decided to move on to the next show at the Jabong stage.

LFW Apartment, Palladium Hotel

While I decided to move out, I noticed the quirky articles kept in the apartment like cycle rim chair, a surfboard, cupcake tree, baubles and other stuff. LFW apartment wasn’t very huge, but a cozy place for people like me to sooth their aching feet after a long day in stilettoes. Nothing extraordinary yet necessary. And those who didn’t get access to this apartment relax! You didn’t miss much.

Palladium Hotel, LFW Apartment

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