Mobor Beach in Goa is full of peace, crabs and starfish

Goa is not just a party destination. It is full of natural beauty and has some of the best of beaches in the world. I recount my stay at Mobor beach a couple of years back and I can safely say that it was the most peaceful holiday I ever experienced. The golden sand on the Mobor beach is clean and crisp. There is no onslaught of tourists like other busy beaches of Goa. You can walk down the beach without being hassled by locals selling water sports or other knick knacks.

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Mobor Beach houses the best of hotels like Susegad – The Leela, Leela Palace, Holiday Inn Resort Goa, The Byke Old Anchor Beach Resort and many other smaller  resorts and home stays. We stayed in cottages right at the tip of the beach where River Sal and Arabian Sea merge. Unfortunately, that property is no longer functional otherwise it was the best eco-tourism arrangement on the beach. Mobor beach is lined up with smaller shacks as well as has beach side restaurants of the hotels. Just imagine lying down on a lounging chair, holding your favorite drink and looking across the beautiful sea for hours. Food and drinks are never a problem here (though the shacks close down during monsoon season between May till October.) We tried the food at Holiday Inn Resort Goa beach side restaurant and it was excellent. Not only that, there are several restaurants along the river side like Grasshopper Bistro and Bar where you can eat good food as well as see tiny boats plying up and down River Sal. 

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This area is good for people who love to walk as you can explore the beauty of the sea as well as the river side. I used to walk down to the tip of the beach every morning to see the local fishermen trying to catch fish or the boats leaving the river and going into the vast sea to catch bigger fish. The dogs on the beach are friendly and are busy catching baby crabs. It was fun to watch them go after the baby crabs and the crabs coming and going inside the sandy waters with waves. At night the beach gets a little isolated as not much light filters through the five star properties. But if its full moon, you can always venture out with a torch in your hand. We found the beach safe. 

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Boats on river Sal

The best part about Mobor Beach is that you get to see the local flora and fauna in its natural state. We were able to locate a Kingfisher, a Black Billed Magpie, Cranes, Sparrows, a starfish, and much more. The beach is dotted with crabs of all shapes and sizes. If you are one of the nature lovers then Mobor Beach will give you endless opportunities to explore its natural beauty. You can also get a glimpse of the Goan village life if you walk down the river side. Small houses that spell old world charm are nestled around the pockets of the river where fishermen live. Usually, you will find a well, coconut trees, chicken running helter skelter across the porch, goats tied on the verandah in old Goan houses. It is a very beautiful sight especially early mornings.

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So what are you waiting for? Find the cheapest airfare on your favorite flight and fly down to this beautiful beach. Another plus point is that it takes only an hour from the Goa airport to reach Mobor Beach. The drive is good, picturesque, though a little bumpy at few places. But definitely worth all the effort.

Which is your favorite beach in Goa? Have you visited Mobor beach? Do leave your recommendations in the comments section. 

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