My low carb diet: can it be sustained?

Many of you are aware that I have started with a low carb diet again. Since 2.5 years, I am struggling with being overweight. I touched 86 kgs with my second pregnancy. Last year got down my weight till 70.5 kgs with macro diet at 1200 calories and regular 45 minutes exercise (strength training 5 times a week). But then it stalled. With increase in stress, both at personal and professional level, I fell back on my comfort foods and ended up gaining 8 kgs in the last 6 months. So back to square one. I know my story would resonate with a lot of you who are struggling to get fit. This is where I want to document what is happening in my current fitness regime.

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I have been on some or the other diet and exercise since my son was born. Was diagnosed as pre diabetic, it is necessary that I lose the extra pounds. I go one step ahead and 2 step back. Food is my comfort when I am stressed. Have been stressed more than often. During my 2nd pregnancy, had reached 86 kg. Came down till 70kg. But gained back 9 kgs in the last 6 months. Scared to do that again. Scared to fail again. Let me put myself out here. So that you all can discuss my progress and cheer me up when I fall down. @janvichitalia #BodyCocoon Started with a diet and walk regime. Lets see if it can help me. I have a wedding to attend in the next 3 months. Hoping for a miracle now. 😒😕🙈#fitnessmotivation #fitness #walk #diet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation

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For me gaining weight is too easy but losing it is like a walk up-the-hill. I started diet consultation with Janvi Chitalia, a friend and a nutrionist, who has been with Mumbaigloss since a few years. You can read other articles from her on the blog. She  suggested that we gradually reduce consumption of carbs from my diet. Though, she didn’t ask me to weigh my food and calculate macros like the macro diet, but with her guidance, I was able to see how I could reduce carbs and eat more protein and fibre. Protein and fibre keep you full for longer period of time. In a month I have lost 3-4 inches from my body. Scales haven’t budged but that’s ok. I was never bothered about the weighing scale anyway.

She knows my busy lifestyle and suggested that I should whip up quick and easy to make food whenever I feel hungry but in limited quantity like egg white omelettes, buckwheat and almond flour pancakes, museli and fruit parfait. I carry my food at work like 4 tablespoons of brown rice with 100 grams chicken in a curry and lots of salads. I eat 3-4 egg whites, roasted chana or peanuts (10-12 gms), a fruit like apple, guava in the office. So you can see that the carb content is less comparatively. My omelette consists of grated vegetables like doodhi,  or chopped onion and peppers. The concept is to eat less but often.

Am I able to stick to my diet? No, not at all times. It is easier said than done. Late night office sittings means that I have to eat whatever is available at dinner in the office. Socializing outside means eating out, which doesn’t leave me with much option. When I feel famished, I need a sugar fix, or when running around with the kids makes me feel tired then I want to grab a quick bite. So what are these quick bites that can be easily eaten (in limits) without much effort. A slice of cheese (my recent fav is chocolate flavoured Go Cheese), 2 tbsp museli with 100 gms dahi and stevia, 5-6 almonds with a glass of chaas, else I can do meal prep over the weekend and refrigerate. For example these caulisticks that I prepared this morning are a good replacement to bread, rice, pasta, etc. and very filling too. Moreover, I didn’t bake them, just microwaved.

This weekend I went out to eat with my friends and I consciously chose what I was eating. Chilis Restaurant has introduced a line of eating options suitable for individuals on a keto, low carb and gluten free diet. So this gave me comfort to visit them and enjoy the company of my friends at a restaurant. I have not been drinking much, so I skipped the drinks completely. I ordered a tangy and refreshing salad and a cup of soup (not a bowl). Portion control and diet adherence, both were done effortlessly.

As you can see, its not easy to lose weight, neither it is easy to refuse temptations. It needs a long term lifestyle change. Rome was not built in a day and neither can I build a strong body without a few changes in my lifestyle. I need to come out of the mindset that I am depriving myself, when I say no to chocolate, cakes, halwa poori, etc. Rice, wheat, dal, everything is good, but in moderation. Portion control is what I need to learn. And I plan to carry food like cheese slices, roasted chana, peanuts, almonds, raisins, as a dry snack so that whenever I am hungry, I can grab a quick bite.

Let’s see if I can stick to it and for how long. Motivate me guys, I really need some boosting 🙂


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