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Have you planned for a Long and Happy life like this loving husband?  Have you made any plans for your future? Take a look at this latest short film by Exide Life Insurance where the husband has planned everything for his wife including an exciting world tour! When she wonders how he will make it all happen, he says he has ‘planned for the future’. By this he means he has planned his investments, savings, insurance covers, etc. to cover his future plans for Happiness.

Exide Life Insurance offers a wide range of insurance policies, which provide a combination of risk covers, savings and investment to secure your future. But where I feel Exide is different is that they are all about Happiness!

Why am I talking about this? Well, we all need a well-planned life for a beautiful tomorrow.

I was thinking, if I had to store a message in a time capsule to be opened 20 years from now- what would it say?

I think it would focus on the plans I have made for my retirement, my child’s education, my health and my future travels that will help me 20 years from now.

I want to plan for them now so that I can have a carefree happy life in future. I feel like it is putting your wishes in a time capsule and letting them grow big and strong so that when the right time comes, I will be able to fulfill those wishes.

Here’s what will go into My Time Capsule:

Every parent wants to give their child the best of education. I have invested in education plans for my child in such a way that when she will turn 18, she will get funds that can be used for her higher education. This planning will get her support and happiness when she would really need it.

A recurring deposit goes towards my holiday trips abroad. Every year we try to go to a destination of our choice but these holidays are expensive for a family of three. So it is very important that I plan ahead. This way my family can have enough funds to splurge and indulge on any holiday. Also, I ensure that I have travel insurance in place whenever I go out of the country. I am at peace that the travel insurance will take care of any emergency in the foreign land.

Exide Life Insurance

Did I tell you that you too can plan your future with Exide’s ‘My Money Book’? It is a wonderful financial record- keeping book. You can record information related to your bank details, investments, insurance, etc. A record of necessary information can be kept at one place so that you and your family can get it easily.  I encourage every reader on this forum to put down such financial details in a file or record book like My Money Book and put it in a safe place.

Exide Life Insurance

My Money Book

Investments and insurance, health covers keep us well in our good times. Be it child birth, higher education, marriage, self-employment, such matters become even better if we plan our funds in advance. I believe in the philosophy that Kal Khoobsurat Hai and to make our tomorrow better, we should plan it today. I have planned my today with the right investments and insurance policies. I want to continue to enjoy life. I want you to do the same. After all #MyLongHappyLife deserves everything beautiful.

Tell us what are your plans for the future in the comments below!


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