New glittering Johnnie Walker striding man on festive gift packs- London artist Arran Gregory behind the new design

Johnnie Walker in mirror by Arran Gregory

Johnnie Walker in mirror by Arran Gregory image via Design Bridge

I saw this beautiful video where Arran Gregory, a graduate of the Chelsea College of Art and one of the hottest names in London’s creative scene has given a new face to the striding man from the Johnnie Walker brand. It is a three-dimensional mirrored sculpture which glints and reflects and shines. I was stunned by the beauty and technique used by the artist and felt extremely happy that art is being promoted by a well-known brand like Johnnie Walker. How often do we see art being promoted at such a massive scale where the main logo of a brand is creatively modified? The liquor brand was so impressed with the outcome that it decided to use the logo created by Arran in all the gift boxes this festive season. The project was commissioned by Amsterdam based creative agency Design Bridge.

Arran ideated the design by creating a base using hardboard and plaster then fusing geometric pieces of mirrors on top of it. The final piece is a 2m tall sculptural interpretation of the iconic Johnnie Walker striding man that stands amid a transforming world of light and movement. It consists of six individual pieces suspended together into air to create the effect of the original logo. It feels like a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, glinting wherever light touches the body and reflecting back the light into the surrounding. It is a perfect example of how conceptual fine art can elevate the commercial design process to a more exciting and memorable level.

Arran Gregory

Arran Gregory image via GQ

Arran was excited to be part of this project and said, “Johnnie Walker is an artist of flavour and I am an artist of vision – we both share the same obsessions over detail and we both strive for sophistication.” He further added, “Luxury is timeless but it must never become static or it will become predictable and boring. I feel that we have collaborated to create inspiring results, and hopefully some inspired reactions.” If you notice, Arran loves to play with multiple textures and mirror his is favourite. It isn’t the first time that he has created 3D life size mirrored sculptures. He had a successful solo exhibition called ‘Wolf’ in London where he had displayed life-size wild animals created using similar technique.


I am delighted to see that various brands are collaborating with artists all over the world and creating promotions which are much more intellectually stimulating and interesting. I really liked the new mirrored Johnnie Walker logo. What about you? Do leave a comment below.


image via Design Bridge

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